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Strengthen your organization and earn rewards while doing it!

The Student Org Advantages and Rewards (SOAR) Program is designed to reward your organization for engaging in campus resources, services, and activities that support student organization success. In order to receive rewards, organizations will complete self-selected Tasks from a menu which are worth varying point values.

By completing tasks, your organization accrues points throughout the year which will lead to opportunities for rewards.

  • Milestone Rewards are unlocked throughout the year as the organization accrues more points and reaches certain point thresholds. Milestone Rewards are earned on a rolling basis for use during the current school year.
  • Marketplace Rewards are earned at the end of the year after the program ends and can be "purchased" with the points your organization earned throughout the year. The program's Marketplace Month is scheduled for May 1-May 31 when Marketplace Reward selections are made. Marketplace Rewards are purchased for use in the following school year.

All Tasks and Rewards are visible in the charts below.

For the pilot year of this program in 2023-2024, 150 student organizations will participate by opting in on a first-come, first served basis. Only students listed as Primary Leader on the organization's Management System roster are able to opt-in, submit the Task Completion Form, or purchase/use rewards on behalf of the organization.

Join the Waitlist

How it works

  1. Complete the opt-in form. Once opted in, the Primary Leader will be able to see the SOAR Online Portal in the Student Org Management System. Up to 150 organizations are accepted for 2023-2024. If the opt-in form is closed, the program is at capacity until next year.
  2. View the Tasks and Rewards List to prioritize items that relate to your organization's goals and needs. Complete a Task within the program window of August 15-April 15.
  3. The Primary Leader of the organization can log into the Student Org Management System's SOAR Online Portal to submit the Task Completion Form. The form must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on April 15, 2024.
  4. The Student Org Team will review submitted forms and approve points in the system. Automated emails will confirm when forms have been reviewed. The SOAR Online Portal will show a log of all submitted Task Completion Forms for the organization and their review status. If approved, points will immediately display in the portal for the organization's point total.
  5. Milestone Rewards are unlocked at point thresholds, which are checked on a biweekly basis. If a Milestone Reward is unlocked, the Primary Leader and Advisor will receive an email from the Student Org Team with details on how to access the reward.
  6. Reminders and announcements are communicated with all participating groups via email to the Primary Leader and Advisor. Top 20 standings are published below on this webpage.
  7. The complete Marketplace Month procedures will be announced by April 1, 2024. After the program window closes on April 15, organizations will be sent a final confirmation of their point total and detailed instructions the Marketplace process. The Marketplace window will run from May 1- May 30 and your organization will be able to select Rewards for purchase with points during this time. Additional rewards will only be offered to the organizations that have enough points to be in the Top 10 and Top 5 of all SOAR participating organizations.
  8. Marketplace Rewards will be confirmed and issued by June 30, 2024 via email. Marketplace Rewards earned from 2023-2024 participation will be in effect as early as July 1, 2024 and must be used by June 30, 2025. Some Rewards will have specific terms of use including dates.

Tasks and Rewards

Just by being a member of the student organization community, you already have access to many benefits. Completing the annual registration requirements to attain active status qualifies you for these general benefits available to all registered student organizations:

Point-Worthy Tasks

Level 1: Basic  

5 points each 




Post a program to the Student Life Calendar 

No maximum; Recurring events count as one submission


Use the Space Request Tool to book meeting space

Can be earned once per booking window


Upload EIN Letter to the Student Org Management System

Once; points still earned if EIN letter was already uploaded; Must be completed by the Treasurer


Complete Clery Reporting in the Student Org Management System

Once during the registration window; Must be completed by the Primary Leader

Registration Window 

Complete Mid-Year Goal Update in the Student Org Management System

Once per goal; Must be completed by the Primary Leader outside of the registration window


Apply for Leadership Awards 

No maximum; Only counts for organizational awards - not individual awards


Apply for KBK Office/Locker Space

Once per year; Must be completed by the Primary Leader


Level 2: Engaged  

10 points each 

Activity Contingencies Availability

Attend an OUAB or Signature Event 

Maximum three times; Minimum of 3 representatives (if roster <30); minimum of 10% (if roster >30)


Acquire a Coke Donation 

No maximum; Only counts for approved requests that are picked up


Host a meeting in the KBK Center 

Once per semester


Host a table at the Student Involvement Fair

Once per fair

Fall / Spring 

Advisor attends appreciation event 

Once per event 

Fall / Spring 

Attend Org Resource Night

At least one representative attends

Fall / Spring 


Once per event; At least one representative attends

Fall / Spring 

Attend KBK Open House - Oct 3, 2023 from 5-7 p.m.

One representative 


Attend a National Hazing Prevention Week program 

No maximum; Per event; Attendance: minimum of three representatives (if roster <30); minimum of 10% (if roster >30)


Attend Leadership Week program 

No maximum; Per event; Minimum of three representatives (if roster <30); minimum of 10% (if roster >30)


Level 3: Self-Guided 

15 points each 

Activity  Contingencies Availability

Host a collaborative meeting or program with at least one other student organization 

Maximum three times; Must be distinct events


Complete a constitution review using the guide - INFORMATION COMING SOON

Once per year; A copy must be uploaded with the Task Completion Form


Host a CBSC Community Kit Conversation

Maximum three times per year; At least 50% of general body or 100% of officer team in attendance


Complete an Advisor/Org Agreement 

Once per year; A copy must be uploaded with the Task Completion Form 


Complete the Event Planning Timeline - INFORMATION COMING SOON

Maximum three times per year; A copy must be uploaded with the Task Completion Form


Complete Leadership Retreat Guide  - INFORMATION COMING SOON

Once per semester; A copy must be uploaded with the Task Completion Form


Level 4: Facilitated 

20 points each

Activity Contingencies Availability
Complete a meeting with a Student Org Coach No maximum; At least one representative in attendance Continuous

Complete a Risk Reduction Consultation 

No maximum; At least one representative in attendance


Request and host a Student Leadership Advocates workshop

No maximum; At least 50% of general body membership or 100% officer team in attendance


Attend a Student Org Essentials Workshop 

No maximum; At least one representative in attendance

Fall / Spring 

Attend Officer Dinner 

At least 2 officers attend 



Once; At least one representative in attendance


Level 5: Mobilized 

25 points each 

Activity Contigencies Availability

Complete the Programming Funds process

No maximum on number of events; Must go through the entire process, including submitting the audit. 

Funding Windows 

Volunteer as a group at a Single Day of Service (e.g., Community Commitment, MLK Jr. Day of Service, Local Service Trips

No maximum; minimum of 3 representatives (if roster <30); minimum of 10% (if roster >30)

Fall / Spring 

Attend BOLD Conference

Minimum of 3 representatives (if roster <30); minimum of 10% (if roster >30)


Participate in BuckeyeThon dance marathon as a group

Meet fundraising goal & attend Dance Marathon


Participate in Homecoming Parade - October 6, 2023

Build a float, perform, or walk in the parade/banner; Contingent on application and acceptance; Must register as a group




Milestone Rewards 

Automatically earned upon meeting point threshold and awarded on a rolling basis.




Recognition on Website 

Listed as a participating org with link to directory 

50 points 

Resource Room Bonus 

$25 credit added to Line of Credit; Will expire when org renews annual registration - does not carry over.

150 points 

Showcased at Officer Dinner 

Org receives highlight at Spring 2024 annual Officer Dinner; Eligible for table captain role (must be achieved by April 1) 

250 points 

Marketplace Rewards 

Selected by your organization during the Marketplace Window




Get Involved Guide Feature

Featured for all new first-year students in Summer 2024 orientation guide; Can be in Grad/Prof or Undergrad version. Max 1.

60 points 

Table at the Ohio Union 

Student Activities will pay for tabling invoice on the Plaza or in the Great Hall. Contingent upon organization following the reservation process and turning in invoice within 30 days. Max 2.

60 points 


Hang your organization’s banner in the KBK Center Lounge for 1 month. Includes poster print in the Resource Room ($20 value). Max 1.

60 points 

Priority Involvement Fair Sign-Up & Placement 

Automatically signed up for the next Fall Involvement Fair 2024 and will be granted access to select among priority table placement options in Summer 2024. Max 1.

100 points 

Mini Member Development Grant - INFORMATION COMING SOON

$250 toward a developmental/team-building experience for your organization. Must follow program requirements. Max 1.

250 points 

Top 10 Rewards 

Only available to the organizations that have enough points to be in the top 10

Reward Notes Points

Member Development Grant - INFORMATION COMING SOON

$500 toward a developmental/team-building experience for your organization. Must follow program requirements. 


Top 5 Rewards 

Only available to the organizations that have enough points to be in the top 5

Reward Notes Points

Leadershape Sponsorship for 3 officers 

Reserved spot for up to 3 individuals to attend Leadershape during Fall Break in October 2024; Must apply/sign up; Placement guaranteed.


Top 20 Standings for 2023-2024

Please view the top 20 organizations here.

Last updated September 11, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

For the 2023-2024 school year, participation was limited to 150 organizations for the pilot version of SOAR and the program has reached capacity. If there are organizations who un-enroll or are removed from the program, organizations will be invited on a first-come, first-served basis from the waitlist. You can put your organization's name on the waitlist and will be contacted if space becomes available for this school year. 

The opt-in for the 2024-2025 school year will open August 1, 2024.

The Student Org Team will follow up on program participation at their discretion if there is a need to validate participation or attendance for any reason. The Student Org Team may contact the associated task facilitator to verify attendance or do additional outreach. Further documentation from the organization may be requested as well. Information collected on the Completed Task Form will be used to verify participation by default. It is recommended to be thorough on the form to prevent delays related to following-up on details or attendance.

Only students designated with Primary Leader access in the Student Organization Management System can utilize the program tracking features including the Task Competion Form, past participation logs, and monitoring point accrual. More than one student may have access, which can be designated on the organization's roster by selecting the checkbox to allow Primary Leader-level permission to the org's record.

Advisors may access the portal in a View-Only capacity.

The program's deadlines are fixed and will not be extended. Tasks must have occurred within the dates of August 15, 2023 - April 15, 2024. The Task Completion Forms must be submitted on or before April 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. in the Management System. Submissions are assessed and points are approved on a rolling basis, however all submissions are DUE on April 15 by 11:59 p.m. regardless of when the Task was completed during the program window. 

Contact our team at if you have questions about program deadlines or are having trouble submitting the form.

Yes, an appeal to a decision must be submitted in writing to within 10 business days of receiving the decision email. An appeal must come from the Primary Leader including the details about what you are appealing (i.e, reference the submission you're appealing). Completed Task Forms are typically denied when information in the form is inaccurate or is lacking, if the task did not occur during the program window, and situations that may occur on a case-by-case basis. If you realize your form was denied for inaccurate or lacking information, you may simply resubmit a Completed Task Form with the correct information and skip the appeal process. The Student Org Team will serve as the authority on final decision-making.

Some Tasks have attendance requirements, which are specified in the Continengies column of the Task table above. The average student organization size is 30, although membership ranges from 5-500. To account for this range, attendance will be tracked based on percentage of total organization membership or based on the number of persons attending.

  • For organizations with 30 or more members, attendance will be based on percentage of total organization membership attending. For example, 10% or 50%.
  • For organizations with less than 30 members, attendance will be based on number of persons attending. For example, 3 or 6 members.

Your organization's roster size is shown in your online portal and when submitting the Task Completion Form. You may update your roster at any time in the Management System.

Organizations who enrolled in the program between September 1-10 are expected to submit at least one Task Completion Form in the Management System by October 8, 2023. Organizations who do not submit for points on or before that date will be unenrolled from the program to create space for organizations from the waitlist. This policy is to ensure groups who are enrolled in this exclusive program are actively engaged. 

It's also expected that organizations are submitting truthful and thorough information in the Task Completion Form. The SOAR Team reserves the right to follow-up on any details to ensure accuracy, which includes contacting departments or the organization's advisor.

Points can only be accrued between August 15 - April 15 of a given school year. Points do not roll-over, but un-spent points after the marketplace process ends can be converted to Resource Room line-of-credit of up to $5 at a conversion of 5 points/$1. Points cannot be rounded up.

Active organizations may fully participate in the program. Organizations in Pending status may participate in the program aside from redeeming a monetary reward. Organizations much attain Active status to be given any checks. Inactive organizations will be ineligible to accrue points, cash out on rewards, or utilize rewards while Inactive. If the organization can restore their Active status, they can resume participating in the program. Program deadlines and processes will not change due to an organization's status. 

Marketplace Rewards will be available starting July 1 after the marketplace process ends in May. Some rewards are rolling access, while some will be contingent upon a specific process or timeline during that school year. These expectations will be communicated via email when confirming earned rewards, but it is the responsibility of the organization to meet those expectations. This means that rewards that lapse or are not utilized properly will not be re-issued. 

If a Task overlaps in more than one area, the higher of the point values is what you can submit. For example, during National Hazing Prevention Week you may get 10 points per event your organization attends. Student Org Essentials (Fall 2023) also has a program as a part of that week's program line-up, but attending Student Org Essentials is worth more points. You would submit your Task under the Student Org Essentials to earn the points associated with the higher level Task, not both.