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Graduate and Professional Student Involvement and Resource Fair

Thank you for your patience.  We are aware that the virtual Grad/Prof Student Involvement and Resource Fair is running slowly.
Please consider using the app if the web platform is running slowly:

Participant registration is now open for the fourth annual Graduate and Professional Student Involvement and Resource Fair on Sunday, August 23, 2020 from 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM.  The Grad/Prof Involvement and Resource Fair is an opportunity to showcase your student organization or services and opportunities to the graduate and professional student population. 

Co-sponsored by the Graduate School.

Here is your direct link to the fair:

Grad/Prof Student Participant Registration and Fair Information

The Student Involvement Fair will take place virtually on Sunday, August 23 at 4-7 p.m. Attendees will be able to connect with student organizations and campus departments from the comfort of your home! To prepare for the Fair, create a profile within the Virtual Fair tool.

Use the Attendee Flowchart below for a visual guide on how to create your profile. Read below for more specific step-by-step instructions as well.  We also have a video that shows how to set up a profile and navigate the fair.  Please note that the video was created by our team for the Student Involvement Fair but everything applies to the Grad/Prof Involvement and Resource Fair because both are using the same digital platform.

Accessibility statement: We want all students to be able to access the fair and acknowledge that there may be specific accessibility barriers that are unique to a virtual involvement fair, including the visual layout of the fair and the interactive chat feature. You may request accommodations prior to the fair by emailing or on the day of the fair by calling (614) 292-0253. 

How to Create a Profile

In addition to steps below, we have a video demonstrating the process: 

1. Log on to the Virtual Fair tool and sign in using your last name.# (ie. Buckeye.1) and password.

2. Click the home button in the upper right corner.

3. Click the blank avatar in the upper right corner to access your account information.

4. From that dropdown list, click "Edit Profile."

5. Fill out the required fields and as much other information as you would like to include.
NOTE: You must press SAVE at the bottom of each page before clicking NEXT, otherwise it will not save your entry.

6. To be matched by interest to student organizations, university departments, and Columbus resources click the "Interests" tab and select each of your interests from the dropdown menu next to the "Interests" category.

How to Navigate the Virtual Fair - will be live on August 23 at 4-7 p.m.

Check out our video instructions.

1. After completing your profile, click the "Home" button on the left-hand side of the top toolbar. Then, on the left navigation bar, click "Virtual Fairs" and then "Student Involvement Fair", which will drop down from "Virtual Fairs".

2. If you previously did your profile or aren't interested in being matched with organizations, click here to go directly to the Virtual Student Involvement Fair.

3. Once you get into the Fair, use the left toolbar to navigate to a variety of features:

  • "Map View" and "List of Organizations", which allow you to view all of the organizations that have booths at the fair in different ways. "Map View" visually groups the organizations into categories that you can click on and explore. "List of Organizations" initially organizes the organizations by what booths are most active at the time, but you can put filters on the list and even search for a specific organization if you want to narrow down what's on your page.

  • "List of Participants", which will show you everybody who is actively participating in the fair.

  • "Information Booth", which is where you can go to chat with one of the Student Involvement Fair volunteers. Whether you need clarification on how to navigate the fair, are experiencing technical difficulties, or have a question about what groups might be good for you, the Information Booth will allow you to get the help you need.

  • "I'm Interested", which is a collection of all of the organizations you've individually clicked the "I'm Interested" button for in their booth. By clicking this button, it allows groups to collect your contact information so that they can reach out about their future meetings and other programming.

  • "Suggested Organizations", which is a collection of organizations whose selected interests match the interests you selected on your profile. For example, if you add "food" and "history" as your interests on your profile, all of the organizations who have selected those as being applicable to the work that they do will show up in this tab. 

  • "Chat", which will allow you to chat with anybody else who is participating in the fair and see public org chats.

 4. Once you're in the Fair, use these features:

Click on their name or on the photograph on the left hand side of their booth. Scroll through any photos and documents they have attached so that you can learn more about their operations. If you like what you see, make sure you click the "I'm Interested" button at the bottom of their booth (or next to their name on the list of all organizations). This will allow them to reach back out to you post-event (and for you to see all of the organizations you indicated interest in on the left toolbars "I'm Interested" category).

  • Text chat privately with one of their representatives. In order to do this, click on the chat bubble to the right of their booth (in list view) and then join a private chat. This could be a helpful tool if you have a personal question about how an organization could fit into your schedule or could help you with a personal goal.
  • Text chat publicly with the people staffing the booth and the people visiting the booth. In order to do this, click on the chat bubble to the right of their booth (in list view) and join the public chat. This could be a helpful tool if you have a general question that you can't find an answer to in the club's booth or want to publicly introduce yourself and network with like-minded people.
  • Join the organization's live Zoom meeting to chat with individuals staffing the booth. You can do this by finding the Zoom link within their booth or by clicking the camera icon on the right side of their booth on the list view. This could be a helpful tool if you're interested in a club and would prefer to chat "face-to-face." Don't be afraid to pop-in, say "hi", and see what they're up to! 


Student Organization Registration

Every year, there are approximately 4000 new graduate and professional students.  All participants will have the opportunity to interact with new and returning students during the Grad/Prof Student Involvement and Resource Fair.  Please note that most student organizations will use the general link.  Specific colleges that have historically hosted their own involvement fairs are managing registration for their affiliated groups such as the College of Optometry and the College of Veterinary Medicine.  All student organizations are encouraged to participate.

Student Organizations:

College of Dentistry:

College of Optometry:

College of Veterinary Medicine:

Campus and Columbus Organizations

Registration and participation in the Grad/Prof Involvement and Resource Fair is free.  This is a great opportunity to engage our approximately 14,000 new and continuning graduate and professional students.  Once you have registered your department or organization, you will recieve further information by August 7th.

Campus Units and Columbus Organizations: