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There are thousands of opportunities to get involved at The Ohio State University!

From over 1,400 Student Organizations to over 80 immersion service trips available through Buck-I-SERV, students at The Ohio State University are involved, building community, giving back to society, and having fun. Students deliver over 10,000 hours of service through programs like Pay It Forward and the Non-Profit Immersion Program. The Ohio Union Activities Board offers over 300 events throughout the year and our Discount Ticket program, D-Tix, offers discounted tickets for sporting events, concerts, restaurants, movie theaters, and more – only for students!

Take a look at some of Ohio State's most popular involvement opportunities compiled in this Get Involved Guide 2020.

Within these opportunities there are also many leadership opportunities represented through Student Activities Leadership Cohorts. Our cohorts consist of students and offer unique opportunities to lead other students, plan large-scale events, and gain valuable leadership skills. Check out the listing of cohort opportunities below or learn about the cohort experience from some of our student leaders themselves in the video above.

Buck-I-SERV Board | OSU Votes | Pay It Forward | Student Leadership Advocates | Student Organization Success Coaches

Buck-I-SERV Board

The Buck-I-SERV Board is composed of 15-20 undergraduate students who dedicate time to coordinate, plan, facilitate and execute all Buck-I-SERV Alternative Break trips and trainings. The Buck-I-SERV Board is composed of students who are passionate about service, travel, leadership, social justice, and event planning. The Buck-I-SERV Board contributes to the planning of over 80 Buck-I-SERV trips each year to different cities across the nation and the world working on a range of social issues. Board members meet weekly, on Tuesday evenings, throughout the entire academic year for training and planning. Specific responsibilities of the Buck-I-SERV Board include: setting up trip logistics, communicating with community organizations, connective to resources in Buck-I-SERV trip locations, mentoring trip leaders, and creating education training and development for participants.

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OSU Votes

The Office of Student Life’s OSU Votes is a student-led movement to register, educate and encourage other students to vote. This nonpartisan group fosters civic engagement at The Ohio State University. OSU Votes is committed to providing students with the necessary information and materials needed to vote in every local, state, and federal election. OSU Votes Ambassadors meet weekly on Tuesday evening to learn about civic engagement and social justice issues and plan civic engagement programs and initiatives.

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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward is a cohort made up of 26 student chairs who plan, coordinate, and lead service experiences throughout the city of Columbus for Ohio State students. The cohort is made up of 7 different committees which allows all members to contribute to the cohort’s mission, values, and goals. Pay It Forward provides Ohio State students with regular, easily-accessible service opportunities on campus and in the Columbus community by working with over 100 non-profit organizations and 3,000 volunteers each year. Working to help students pursue their passions within service, Pay It Forward educates and exposes students to avenues of civic engagement in a variety of areas. Fueled by hope and positivity, Pay It Forward allows students to match a personal cause to promote change within the community. Pay It Forward works directly with over 100 nonprofit organizations and 3,000 volunteers each year. If you’re interested in event planning, community service, and social justice joining the Pay It Forward cohort could be a great opportunity for you!

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Student Leadership Advocates

Student Leadership Advocates (SLA) is a peer leadership cohort supported by the Office of Student Life Student Activities. The role of SLA is to support the Ohio State community in leadership development, primarily through providing facilitation for leadership development workshops and retreats. SLA works with student leaders from across the university to support them as they develop as students and leaders.

SLAs take part in multiple years of experiential leadership education and training, while also providing Ohio State student organizations with facilitation services. As an SLA you will learn more about how you can become a stronger leader, while also helping others become stronger leaders. After becoming a certified SLA facilitator, you will be qualified to participate in leading any of the several workshops we offer that impact over 3,000 students a year.

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Student Organization Success Coaches

Join the Student Org Success Coach Cohort of Student Activities and build a diverse tool belt supporting students on their involvement journey. With one of the largest student org communities in the country and the number one choice for involvement at Ohio State, Coaches fill the crucial need in providing support to students navigating their involvement experiences on campus.


  • Consult with org leaders to assess organization strengths and growth areas, developing action plans that will strengthen the organization.
  • Serve as involvement ambassadors by making recommendations to students looking for meaningful involvement opportunities through Get Involved Consultations.
  • Oversee and implement one of the largest events on campus – the Student Involvement Fair.

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