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About General Discounts

In order to allow students to explore everything Columbus has to offer, D-Tix sells gift cards and tickets to various restaurants, museums, events, and attractions in the area.


Please note:

D-Tix users acknowledge that because of the current public health crisis, users may be assuming additional risks to their health and safety by participating in any activity for which D-Tix sells tickets, passes, vouchers, or gift cards. Users agree that they are knowingly, voluntarily, and expressly assuming this risk and responsibility for any damages, liabilities, loss or expenses related to COVID-19 that they may incur as a result of participating in an activity related to a D-Tix purchase.  Users further understand and agree to abide by the Code of Student Conduct, applicable policies, and the COVID-19-related directives of the university and/or local, state, and federal authorities, including but not limited to, directives regarding gatherings and masks, while participating in any activity purchased through D-Tix.


  • All discounted tickets and gift cards must be purchased at the Ohio Union Information Center, not the individual venue
  • All general discount tickets and gift cards are subject to availability
  • No returns, exchanges, or refunds are offered on tickets and gift cards purchased through D-Tix


General Discounts to Attractions

Tickets to attractions are available two per BuckID per week, and are available on a first come first serve basis, sellouts for the week are possible. Tickets will be restocked every week on Monday morning during the semester. Please check the list below for updates on tickets. Check websites before heading there for any current/new restrictions. Last restock for Spring Semester is April 22nd.


Clay Cafe Gift Cards
$10; These gift cards are worth $20, but you only pay $10! Please note: prices for items at Clay Cafe vary, check their website for more information. It's good to be on site 2 hours before closing, one coupon per item per person. Only the Grandview location is open!

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

SegAway Tours Of Columbus
$30; Must call to make reservations 

Columbus Museum of Art

Columbus Zoo


Franklin Park Conservatory

Gateway Film Center Movie Vouchers
$3; Passes are for general use, must check the Gateway Film Center for specific movies and available times. 

Scene 75
$10; worth $20! 

Game Arena OSU
$10; worth $20!


Ohio History Connection
$6; Passes are for general use. Must make a reservation in advance, information on tickets. 


Columbus Food AdventuresSeasonal (Must make reservations, space is limited and pay attention to expiration dates)
Taco Truck Tours $30 (Return June 3) 

Short North Tours $30 (Return TBA)

Alternative Eats Tours $30 (On Sale Now, while supplies last)

Dessert Tours $30 (Return TBA)

Grandview Food Tours $30 (On Sale Now, while supplies last)

Old Worthington Food Tours $30 (On Sale Now, while supplies last)

German Village Food Tours $30 (On Sale Now, while supplies last)

Dublin Food Tours $30 (On Sale Now, while supplies last) 



General Discounts to Attractions – LOTTERY EVENTS

Tickets to attractions through the Lottery System are available two per BuckID per semester. Must register online and win in order to purchase Lottery Tickets. Registrations open every Monday and Tuesday throughout the semester. Group orders are not available on lottery general discount items.

Last registration for Spring Semester: April 22-23, 2024.


Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Gift Cards
$8; Gift card worth $15


$12; Immersive art experience. Ticket is general admission any day, must make a reservation online. 


North Market Gift Cards
$10; Gift certificates worth $20.


Penn & Beech Candle Co. Gift Cards
$15; Gift cards worth $25; Advance reservation recommended, can use gift card for online purchases


Lockology Escape Rooms 
$10, Must make reservations for specific time online. Excape Columbus in Powell is the only current open location!


Pinot's Palette Gift Certificates
$15, Must make reservations for specific time online. Gift Certificates are worth $30 and have a 15% discount code for any Short North Class!


Glass Axis Gift Certificates
$15; Gift certificate worth $25

Hocking Hills Zipline Tours; Seasonal
$50; Good for one Canopy tour 


The Wilds Open-Air Safari; Seasonal (only valid for current season)
$25; Vouchers are good for the Open-Air Safari only! 


Cedar PointSeasonal (only valid for current season)

Zoombezi BaySeasonal (only valid for current season)


Restaurant Gift Cards – LOTTERY EVENT

All restaurant gift cards are for $25 and cost $15. Students may purchase up to two gift cards per semester. Group orders are not available on restaurant gift cards. Gift Cards are available through the Lottery System. Winners have a selection of three restaurant groups available on a first come first serve basis each week, sellouts of a certain type are possible (only for Lottery Winners). 


Gift cards are available to the following restaurants:

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants 
BDI (Bravo,Brio),

Columbus Independents Restaurants