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Registration is the annual process student organizations go through in order to be recognized by the university and receive resources. Existing student organizations must complete requirements for registration each year during the organization's registration window to maintain active status and to receive access to university funds and resources. Brand new organizations may begin registration in either the autumn or spring registration window.

It is important to view the Student Organization Guidelines to completely understand the roles and requirements of student organizations on campus.  The Guidelines explain the registration process outlined below as well other important aspects of student organization operations such as CSA Funding.

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Organization Registration Status

Why register with Student Activities?

Student organizations who wish to be recognized by the university and receive resources must complete registration requirements on an annual basis. Completing registration results in achieving and maintaining Active status, which is the designation that is necessary to be recognized and receive resources.

Types of statuses

Student organizations can fall under several statuses, which are based on the amount of time an organization has continuously completed the registration requirements as well as the membership size.

Active: Registration requirements are fully completed before the window is closed.  The two designations of Active status are New/Re-established and Established, described below:

Active New/Re-Established: Organizations that have been registered and Active for 2 or fewer continuous years and have at least 5 members; all registration requirements are completed before the window is closed.

This status is displayed as Active New/Re-Established I or Active New/Re-Established II to denote the first and second years of continuous registration, respectively. Benefits available to student organizations do not change between these first two years/statuses.
Established: Organizations that have been registered and Active for 3 or more continuous years and have at least 15 members; all registration requirements are completed before the window is closed. 

This status is displayed as Active Established. These organizations are eligible for up to $3,000 of Programming Funds annually (compared to $2,000 for Active New/Re-Established I and II organizations). Refer to the Funding webpage for information on this benefit.

Pending: Registration is in-progress and the registration window is open. All organizations are listed in Pending status during their registration window as requirements are being completed. All brand new organizations are automatically listed in pending status. Most benefits available to registered student organizations are available while an organization is Pending.

Inactive: Registration is not completed and the window is closed. This may include organizations that are no longer operating as groups on campus. An organization was in Pending status but missed one or more registration requirement at the end of the registration window deadline. Organizations who are Inactive due to missing registration requirements can restore their status to Active New/Re-Established I by completing the remaining requirement(s). Active status will reset because continuity was broken.

Unregistered: organizations that choose to be listed in the Student Organization Directory online, but do not complete all of the registration requirements and therefore, do not receive any benefits or resources available to student organizations. An organization must request this status designation.

Archived: An organization did not complete registration for 2 or more consecutive years and the window is closed. By default, an organization's record will be placed into the student organization archive. The organization can be re-activated by request.

Registration Windows

All student organizations exist on an annual registration cycle. Roughly half of the student organization community registers in each window annually. 

Autumn Registration Window: August 15 - October 30
Spring Registration Window: February 1 - April 15

All registration requirements must be completed within the window (on or before the deadline) in order to stay continuously registered and achieve Active status.

New student organizations may only begin the registration process during a registration window. New student organizations have 60 days, or until the end of that window, whichever comes later, to complete the requirements to become registered and achieve active status.

How to select your annual registration window:

We recommend that you select a window based on your officer election and transition cycle. If your organization transitions on the calendar year (i.e., over winter break) then we recommend you select the Spring Registration Window. If your organization transitions on the academic year (i.e. over summer break) then we recommend you select the Autumn Registration Window. It is important to consider your transition timeline so that incoming officers are able to complete registration at the beginning of their term, which allows them to learn the processes and resources related to student organizations.

Annual Registration Requirements

Check out a condensed graphic for an overview of annual registration.

President, Treasurer, and Advisor Training

All organizations must complete the following training requirements:

  • Online Training modules for president and treasurer must be completed annually. They can be accessed in the Student Organization Management System.
  • In-Person Trainings for president and treasurer must be completed annually. Until further notice, in-person/live trainings will be offered via CarmenZoom.
  • Training for Advisor must be completed every 2 years, either in-person or online based on eligibility. Until further notice, in-person/live trainings will be offered via CarmenZoom.

Visit the Training webpage for more information on training sessions and to sign up for in-person/live sessions.

Online Updates

The individual who is listed as Primary Leader in the student organization management system must submit several pieces of information in the student organization management system.

The following video will be helpful for presidents navigating the Student Organization Management System to submit this information:

  • General Information
    • The organization's purpose statement
    • Contact and meeting information
    • Membership requirements
    • A graphic or image representing the organization
    • Any social media presence
    • Affirmation of non-discrimination policy and anti-hazing statement
  • Organization roster
    • Name.# of three required officer positions: primary leader, treasurer, and secondary leader
    • Name.# of all members
    • Name.# of primary advisor and any co-advisors
    • Note: The roster is the only way to affirm officer transitions and provide access to the student organization management system.
  • Organization constitution
    • Purpose statement
    • Office titles and duties
    • Member selection and removal process
    • Officer selection and removal process
    • Statement of nondiscrimination prohibiting discrimination on the basis of age, ancestry, color, disability, gender identity or expression, genetic information, HIV/AIDS status, military status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, protected veteran status or any other basis in accordance with the guidelines.
    • Additional sections as they apply to the organization
    • Submit PDF or Word format. A Sample Constitution is available for reference.
  • Two annual goals

Submit Advisor Approvals

Online advisor approvals are needed for both registration and goals. These must be submitted by the primary advisor annually via the online Student Organization Management System. Upon logging in, use the approval links available on the dashboard. For more information, visit the Advisors webpage.

The following video will be helpful for advisors in navigating the Student Organization Management System.


Student organization leaders are responsible for recruiting/selecting their advisor. Additional information about eligibility and role expectations can be found on the Advisors webpage.

There are many ways to be successful in finding an advisor. Consider reaching out to your existing networks of faculty and staff. Seek individuals with similar academic backgrounds or interest areas. Connect with similar student organizations for advice and networking. Contact Student Activities staff at for additional suggestions.

Advisors are required to submit the online approvals annually and complete training every two years.

Register a New Student Organization

Step 1: Confirm that the organization you are interested in creating is not duplicated in the student organization community by searching the Student Organization Directory. Specifically, the purpose for the new organization needs stand apart from all other student organizations.

Step 2: Complete a New Organization Interest Form, which must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the close of the Registration Window - by October 15 or April 1, respectively - to ensure adequate time for new organizations to complete initial meetings and registration requirements.

Step 3: Attend a New Org Welcome (NOW) Meeting. Upon submitting the New Organization Interest Form, you will be invited to attend the NOW Meeting during Staff Office Hours. The purpose of this meeting is to seek approval for your organization idea and talk through the steps to register.

Step 4: If approved, your final step is to complete the registration process. New organizations must complete the requirements within 60 days of receiving approval or by the end of the registration window, whichever comes later. 

Email our team at if you have questions on registration or starting a new student organization.