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The Student Involvement Fair (SIF) is the best place to find a student organization that meets your needs and interests. There are two annual Student Involvement Fairs at the Ohio State University. One takes place during Welcome Week and the other takes place in January just as classes start back for the spring semester.

- Update for the 2018 Autumn Student Involvement Fair

Due to construction on the Oval, the Autumn Student Involvement Fair will be taking place along College Road this year! On Sunday, August 19 from 4-7 p.m., join us to explore over 700 student organizations, university departments and non-profits to spark your interests and passions before the new school year begins!

SIF - Autumn

Held during the first week of the autumn semester, members of more than 700 Ohio State student organizations and campus departments will be on the Oval to share with you more information about their organizations. This is your first and best opportunity to chat with them and start determining what you're going to get involved with outside of your classes.

Save the Date for Student Involvement Fair - Autumn
Sunday, August 19, 2018 along College Road
The fair will feature over 700 organizations, University Departments and non-profit organizations.

Traffic and Parking 

Traffic will be directed to High Street because of College Road closure. 

We suggest you park in Ohio Union Garages (along High Street, South of 15th), Arps Garage (along High Street, North of 17th), Tuttle Garage (near the Architecture Building) or the South Campus Gateway Garage (along 11th Avenue, East of High Street). Lane Avenue Garage (corner of Tuttle and Lane Ave)

SIF - Spring

The Student Involvement Fair - Spring takes place each year in early January, giving new and returning students an opportunity to explore more options for their involvement.  Smaller and more intimate than the Student Involvement Fair held during Welcome Week, the Student Involvement Fair-Spring gives students a perfect chance to meet people and learn about the great things Ohio State's student organizations are doing.

Save the Date for Student Involvement Fair - Spring
January 17th, 2019 in the Ohio Union.
The fair will feature over 300 student organizations.


Registration will open on October 14th, 2018. 

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Autumn Student Involvement Fair Participants 

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