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Training completion is part of the annual registration requirements for all active student organizations during the registration window. Trainings are an opportunity for presidents, treasurers and advisors to learn about requirements, responsibilities and resources available to registered and active student organizations.

Training Menu:

Training requirements:

All organizations must complete the following training requirements:

  • Presidents and Treasurers must complete both trainings annually during the registration window:
    • The online training module can be accessed in the Student Organization Management System. It is recommended to complete the online module before attending the in-person training session. Presidents and Treasurers each have their own module to complete when they login to the management system.
    • Live/In-person training will be offered virtually as live synchronous sessions via CarmenZoom for the 2020-2021 school year. Presidents and Treasurers each have their own live training session to attend. Sign up for one session below.
  • Advisors complete training every 2 years, either live/in-person or online based on eligibility. If it is an advisor's first time working with a student organization or it's been more than two years since their last training attendance, they must complete training in-person. Sign up for a session below. Once an advisor attends in-person training, they will be eligible to re-certify their training two years later via an online module in the Student Organization Management System.

Note: It is important that the organization's roster in the Student Organization Management System is updated with the correct names of the individuals who need the training credit. The President/Primary Leader has access to update the roster. For help, contact our team at

Your training timeline:

It is recommended to attend training during your organization's registration window to avoid impacts to your organization's status. Trainings completed after the registration deadline/outside of your registration window will count toward restoring Active status, but will not count toward maintaining continuous registration. Presidents, treasurers and advisors need to complete training in their selected registration window to maintain continuous registration status.

If you find that your leadership transition timeline is out of sync with attending training, meaning you wait many months after starting your leadership position before attending training, your organization may benefit from changing registration windows. Request an appointment with a Student Organization Success Coach to consult on your registration and transition timeline.

Accessing training information and resources:

Training handouts, presentation slides, and other training resources can be found on our Resources page. Email our student organizations team at if you have questions on the materials.

How to sign up for in-person training:

1. Select a session to attend for your specific role below. Sign up for the session using your last name.#.

2. Using the Zoom registration link provided as the "location" for that session, as well as appearing in the automated confirmation email once signed up, register your information with Zoom directly to receive an access link.

3. After registering with Zoom, you will receive an automated email from Zoom with a user-specific link for the training session. This will be used to verify your attendance so please do not share your specific link with others.

Email the student organization team at if you need support in registering or believe you lost your Zoom-provided access link.

I cannot register for training below. What do I do?

If the system below is not allowing you to sign up for training it could be for a few reasons:

1) You are not listed as the correct leader in the Student Organization Management System roster. You must be listed as the correct role on the organization's roster to attend training. The president of the organization or a member of the student organizations team at Student Activities is able to update the roster to correct the issue. If you are intentionally attending a session and do not need the credit (you are not a Treasurer, but are going to a Treasurer Training for the information, for example), you can email our team at to be manually added to the registration list for the session you'd like to attend.

2) It is not your registration window. If you are making up your in-person training credit for your previous registration window, or if you have asynchronously transitioned into your role and would rather not wait until you are due for training during your registration window, you can email our team at to be added to the registration list for the session you'd like to attend. See the above section called "Your training timeline" for more information on the importance of training during your registration window.

3) The window isn't open yet. If you see training dates and times posted below and they are for your correct registration window, and the window has not yet opened (August 15 for fall, February 1 for spring), you must wait until the window opens before the system will allow you to sign up.

4) You are not using the correct Ohio State ID to sign up for the session. You must use your last name.# to sign up.

If none of these reasons relate to your situation, email us at to troubleshoot.

If you have questions about accessiblity or wish to request accommodations please contact the student organizations team at, Typically, two weeks notice will allow us to meet your needs.

Autumn 2020 training dates and times will be accessible to register at the start of the registration window, August 15.

In-person President, Treasurer and Advisor Trainings are 60 minutes in length. Attendance for the full session is required and is recorded to verify completion.