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Training completion is part of the registration requirements for all active student organizations. Training sessions are an opportunity for Presidents, Treasurers, and Advisors to learn about requirements, responsibilities and resources available to registered student organizations.

Presidents and Treasurers must attend training every registration year, while Advisors must complete training every two years. Registration years are based upon the first day of the registration window for your student organization, not the date on which the last training was completed. Trainings completed after the registration deadline (October 15 for Autumn and April 30 for Spring) will count towards making the group active, but will not count toward maintaining continuous registration. Presidents, Treasurers, and Advisors need to complete training in their selected registration window to maintain continuous registration status.

Resources for Student Organization Trainings can be found on our Resources page.

President and Treasurer Trainings are both 90 minutes in length. Advisor Training is 60 minutes in length.  
Attendance for the full session is required.