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New Organization Registration

New Student Organization Registration

If you are interested in starting a new student organization, please fill out the following form. Once completed, you will receive an email inviting you to complete your New Organization Welcome meeting, which is required to discuss the registration process, get approval of your organization, and address any questions you may have.

NOTE: The New Org Interest Form will close 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline. The registration deadline for fall is October 30 and for spring is April 15.

NOW meetings will take place during student oganization office hours. After the form is submitted, please attend a NOW meeting during office hours at your convenience. No appointment is necessary.

Please be aware that student organizations must adhere to The Ohio State University’s branding policies and guidelines. If you would like to refer to the university in your organization’s name, it must be at the end of the name and it must be listed as Org Name at The Ohio State University" or "Org Name at Ohio State." Student organizations may not use "OSU." Please visit for more information.

Before filling out the following form, please ensure that you are not creating a group that already exists in the directory. Please refer to the Student Organization Directory to make sure a group similar to your organization does not already exist. Search for similar phrases and keywords that pertain to your group. 

New Student Organization Interest Form