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There are over 1,400 student organizations at Ohio State and over half of all students join a student organization. Students who choose to get involved achieve many positive outcomes - leadership skills, better grades, friendships and mentors, and make a big campus seem small. Use the tools below to search for, find, and get involved with student organizations.

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Please consult this list of student organizations with revoked registration as of Spring 2024. Some organizations continue to operate after their registration has been revoked despite the action taken by the university. We encourage you to review an organization’s status before becoming involved with it, especially because sometimes an organization’s status is revoked due to serious concerns like hazing and other behavior that risks your health and safety.

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Eco-Peace logo


Campus: Columbus
Status: Active - New/Re-Established II
Purpose Statement: Eco-Peace is an Ohio State club that represents the standard of excellence that students feel toward the love of the Earth and their campus. Our mission is to work towards a greener OSU through clean-ups, sustainability practices, and environmental social encouragement. From understanding our past; the problems we have made in respect to the kindness we show the Earth that birthed us, we work towards fixing our mistakes and ensuring that the next generation will be better off than us. Everything we do is in order to enjoy life to its fullest extent, not only for ourselves and the rest of humanity, but for all the animals and plants we share our home with. We stand for love, fun, and kindness toward all. We do all this through weekly trash pickups on campus. We also do everything we can not only through treatment, but also through prevention. On top of all of that we have a strong social campaign that stands for and encourages all students to treat their campus like their home and ensure that it is clean and healthy. Finally, our future goals are to eventually work with the faculty and administration to make OSU a completely green campus with zero waste. This club was founded from the upsetting state of campus in concern to the amount of pollution and disregard for the environment. We feel the responsibility as a high standing university to do as much good as possible in respect to caring for nature, especially considering the unfortunate condition we allowed it to get to. We aim to restore campus to its natural beauty and elegance. This will do good not only for Ohio State but we hope, as OSU traditionally does, it will set a standard for universities all over the nation and the world to treat our environment with the same level of respect that it does for us and then some to make up for the travesties we have caused Earth in the past. Peace and Love!
Primary Leader: Benjamin Rosenthal
Secondary Leader: Sarah AbuDakar
Treasurer Leader: Jacob Krauss
Advisor: Kent Halloran
Organization Email:
Facebook Group Page:
Primary Type: Community Service/Service Learning
Secondary Types: Awareness/Activism
Creative and Performing Arts
Primary Make Up: Undergraduate
Constitution: 2023_08_28_12_53_54_6915.pdf 
Meeting Time and Place: Sunday AM
Columbus, OH 43210
Office Location: 1739 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43210
Membership Type: Open Membership
Membership Contact:
Time of Year for New Membership: All Year Long
How does a Prospective Member Apply: Show Up AT Any Meeting or Event
Charge Dues: No