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There are over 1,400 student organizations at Ohio State. Use the search tools below to get involved, initiate collaboration, or attend programs hosted by our various student organizations. Contact information for each organization is listed in their online record. Use the "advanced search" tools to focus your search even more and find an organization that's right for you!

Please consult this list of Organizations Suspended by the University as of Spring 2020. Some suspended organizations continue to operate despite the action taken by the university. We encourage you to review an organization’s status before becoming involved with it, especially because sometimes an organization’s status is revoked due to serious concerns like hazing and other behavior that risks your health and safety.

During spring semester 2020, many student organizations will be operating virtually while others may suspend their operations. Please use the search features below to find and contact organization leaders for specific details about their plans.

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Kendo Club

Campus: Columbus
Status: Pending
Purpose Statement: Kendo Club exists to allow students and members of the community to gather and participate in one of Japan's oldest martial arts - the way of the sword. Practitioners can learn more about Japanese culture and history while practicing forms and engaging in optional competition. Kendo is a full contact sport which works the mind and the body. Members can also participate in social activities outside of regular practice.
Primary Leader: Jack Brown
Secondary Leader: Michael Zhang
Treasurer Leader: Tara Allen
Advisor: Kentaro Fujita
Organization Email:
Facebook Group Page:
Primary Type: Sports and Recreation
Secondary Types: Ethnic/Cultural
Primary Make Up: Undergraduate
Constitution: 2018_09_04_12_32_03_2314.docx 
Meeting Time and Place: Sunday 11:00-2:00 PM

Columbus, OH 43210
Office Location: 1827 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH 43210
Membership Type: Open Membership
Membership Contact:
Time of Year for New Membership: New students are welcome at any time!
How does a Prospective Member Apply: Join the Facebook group or email and asked to be put on the list-serv, then just come to practice.
Charge Dues: Yes