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Get Involved Guide - Religious and Spiritual Groups

Religious and Spiritual Groups

Developing your spiritual life can give you a sense of purpose and help you figure out where you are most passionate in your professional, social and personal life. Spirituality is not religion, although they may act together, and its definition is different for everyone. Spirituality can help people find their place in the world while still keeping an open mind toward all beliefs.

Student Life’s Student Wellness Center, located in the RPAC, is a resource for students seeking wellness in all aspects of life. Among many other things, it is a resource for students exploring their spirituality. They offer spiritual counseling and group presentations. Visit the center at In working on the spiritual aspect of wellness, a wellness coach can help you find the resources you need at The Ohio State University and in the Columbus community. Your coach will meet with you for free 45-minute sessions and help you determine your own spiritual journey while learning about yourself and others. See for more information.

There are dozens of student organizations founded on faith-based, spiritual, agnostic and atheist concepts and practices. To explore existing organizations, visit the online student organization directory at and either enter keywords or do an advanced search and select “Religious/Spiritual.”

The Ohio State Interfaith Council is an organization that unites a wide variety of faith traditions, worldviews and spiritual communities of faith. Their goal is to promote spiritual wellness through understanding and respect of diverse spiritual beliefs by means of communication, awareness, dialogue, education and advocacy, both on campus and in the greater community. For more info, visit