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Student organizations are required to complete registration annually.  For more information on the process and requirements, visit the Registration page.

Student Organization Management System Tutorial Videos

Other Registration Resources

In-person Training Presentations (for reference only, must be completed in-person to receive credit)

Online Training Content (for reference only, must be completed in the Student Org Management System to receive credit)

Handouts from Training

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Member Development

Leadership Capacity and Confidence

Leadership Education Needs Assessment (LENA): Reflect on your leadership confidence in a variety of areas and learn how to improve.
Student Leadership Advocates: Request services like personality inventories or etiquette dinners to raise increase leadership skills for your members.
Leadership Courses: Enroll in a course to improve your leadership skills (particularly: ESHESA 2575 Student Org Leadership)
LEAD Series: Attend an assortment of open workshops designed to improve leadership regardless of where you are in your leadership journey.
Leadership Awards: Nominate a member for an award to encourage them to see their own success with your organization.

For more information on being successul in Leadership Capacity and Confidence, click here.

Social Perspective Taking


Student Wellness Center (particularly: Wellness Ambassador programs, wellness coaching)
Student Leadership Advocates (particularly: communication; stress relief)

Organization Operations

Purpose and Goals

Student Leadership Advocates (particularly: officer transition; goal setting)

Membership Recruitment and Retention

Leadership Awards (particularly: individual contribution awards)

Budgeting and Financial Management

Student Wellness Center (particularly: financial wellness workshops)

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Fundraising and Philanthropy

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Campus Chalking and Signage Policies 
Student Life Marketing Request Form – Graphics, Video, Photography, Promo Items, Digital Advertising 
Social Media Guidelines for Student Organizations - new resource coming soon!
Film and Video Copyright Policy

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Leadership Transitions

Student Leadership Advocates (particularly: transition)


Operational Efficiency

Website Hosting - requested in Student Org Management System by org's president
Listservs for Student Organizations - requested by org's advisor
Email Accounts for Student Organizations - requested by org's advisor
Student Leadership Advocates (particularly: effective meeting practices)
Schedule a Coaching Meeting with a Student Org Success Coach


Student Organization Directory (particularly: organizations with common purposes such as college-based, identity-based, and residential)

Responsiveness and Innovation

Student Leadership Advocates (particularly: feedback; topics specific in which the organization wants to innovate)
Annual Registration process (particularly: goal setting; constitution)

Diversity and Inclusion

Multicultural Center Education and Training Programs (Particularly: Buck-Identity, SafeZone, Open Doors)
Signature Events (particularly: Taste of OSU, Heritage Festival, RUOK Day, TEDx)

Risk Reduction

Advisor Partnerships

Community Engagement

Connection to Student Organizations

Affinity with the University

Signature Events (particularly: Homecoming, Involvement Fairs, Taste of OSU)

Commitment to Social Change

OSU Votes Workshops Attend a Workshop to help your members become civically engaged.
Student Life Social Change Learn more about how to create Social Change through Student Life's resources and events.
Civic Leadership Courses Take a course to invest in your civic engagement.
Columbus Service Support Program Need help with a service project? Apply to CSSP to help fund your organization's idea.

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