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Student Organization Success Framework

Student Org Success Framework

The Student Organization Success Framework is a resource designed to help student organizations pursue excellence. The Framework identifies outcomes for member developmentorganization operations and community engagement that can be used by any organization. Student org leaders can identify where they want to grow, then use the Framework to connect with resources across campus.

Use of the Framework is not required, but highly encouraged. Organizations who choose to use the Framework may find they are better prepared to recruit and retain members, engage in collaborations, effectively transition leadership as well as be eligible to apply for Leadership Awards or other recognition opportunities.

How Does My Organization Use The Framework?

All student organizations can use the Framework to help make their group better, stronger and more successful! The Framework outlines three key areas for member development, organization operations and community excellence. To get started, we recommend: 

Step 1: Check out the Success Framework and familiarize yourself with the outcomes (listed below, additional description coming soon!). Each outcome contributes to the ongoing success of your student organization.
Step 2: Complete the Framework Outcomes Assessment with your members, leaders and advisors to identify areas of strength as well as areas for growth.
Step 3: Schedule a meeting with our Student Organization Success Coaches to talk about your assessment results, identify goals for the year and connect with resources.
Step 4: Set goals and build an action plan of next steps, using related university resources.

For more information about how to use the Framework, check out the How-To Guide (updates coming soon for 2019-2020!).

Want Hands-On Help with the Framework?

Not sure what to do after completing the self-assessment? Looking to work through your action plan? Want to connect with someone as invested in the growth and success of your organization as you are? The Student Organization Success Coaches are a cohort of students who are here to work with you and your organization through consultations on the Framework Outcomes and other needs. 

If you are ready to meet with a Coach and request other support or resources from Student Activities, please use the Student Activities Request Form! Our team of trained coaches, facilitators, and staff members are excited to support you, your organization, department, or group. 

Interested in becoming a Student Organization Success Coach? Check out the Coaches website or email for more details!

Member Development

Successful student organizations create opportunities for their members to learn about their own strengths and abilities, gain confidence and build a sense of community. The Member Development Outcomes include:

  • Leadership Capacity and Confidence
  • Social Perspective Taking
  • Wellness

Organization Operations

Successful student organizations have structures and processes to manage their overall operational effectiveness. The Organization Operations Outcomes include:

  • Purpose and Goals
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Fundraising and Philanthropy
  • Programming
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Self-Governance
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Collaboration
  • Responsiveness and Innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Risk Reduction
  • Advisor Partnerships

Community Engagement

Successful student organizations foster engagement and contribute to communities larger than themselves. The Community Engagement Outcomes include:

  • Connection to Student Organizations
  • Affinity with the University
  • Commitment to Social Change