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There are over 1,400 student organizations at Ohio State and over half of all students join a student organization. Students who choose to get involved achieve many positive outcomes - leadership skills, better grades, friendships and mentors, and make a big campus seem small. Use the tools below to search for, find, and get involved with student organizations.

You can also connect with many of our student organizations at our Student Involvement Fairs in August and January. Check out the Student Involvement Fairs webpage for the latest information.

For individualized assistance find the student organization that's right for you, schedule a Get Involved Consultation. These 30-minute meetings will provide a personalized list of recommendations based on your interests and aspirations.

Since spring 2020, many student organizations have been operating virutally or have otherwise significantly adapted their operations. Please contact the listed leaders and/or advisor for details about how best to connect with that organization.

Please consult this list of student organizations with revoked registration as of January 2023. Some organizations continue to operate after their registration has been revoked despite the action taken by the university. We encourage you to review an organization’s status before becoming involved with it, especially because sometimes an organization’s status is revoked due to serious concerns like hazing and other behavior that risks your health and safety.

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Ohio Virtual and Augmented Reality group logo

Ohio Virtual and Augmented Reality group

Campus: Columbus
Status: Inactive
Purpose Statement: The main content of OVAR is to make VR and AR games with Unity engine. After the project is completed, the club can provide equipment for students to experience their own works. The Organization will invite professors from the university or engineers from other companies to give lectures on professional knowledge from time to time. The Organization regularly organizes programming related competitions in schools to enrich their resumes. The Welling Center Service will be provided to OSU students to help them better find their interests in college
Primary Leader: Xuanzhi Zhang
Secondary Leader: Zhixian Yan
Treasurer Leader: Lixi Yang
Advisor: Caitlin Burden
Organization Email:
Website: Not Listed
Primary Type: Technology
Secondary Types: Academic/College
Special Interest
Primary Make Up: Undergraduate
Constitution: 2022_05_23_11_37_32_6787.docx 
Meeting Time and Place: Columbus, OH 43210
Office Location: 1739 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43210
Membership Type: Application/Selection Process
Membership Contact:
Time of Year for New Membership: Aug 27th
How does a Prospective Member Apply: Skill 1— Programming Basic programming experience in languages like Java, C#, Swift, Javascript, etc, is essential for developing any piece of software. Get a good grasp on any one of these languages. Concepts like loops, control-logic, and OOP principles like inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, etc, should be at your fingertips before moving forward. Skill 2—Software Development One of the following 3 types of Software Development 1. Web Development 2. Mobile App Development 3. Game Development Skill 3—General XR Knowledge Now it is time to explore XR. Get familiar with the basic terminologies of XR. Understand the constraints of this technology. The objective behind this step is to get you familiar with the terminologies of XR and become comfortable with the words used loosely in the XR domain. Skill 4—XR SDKs SDKs like ARCore, ARKit, ARFoundation, Vuforia, and Wikitude are well renowned for creating AR experiences for Mobile Platforms i.e Android & iOS. Apart from these are dozens of SDKs present. Depending upon your app’s feature requirements and your present code architecture, select an SDK and then continue with the development. Skill 5—3D Modeling & Animation Tools like Blender, Maya, and Cinema4D are great for prototyping experiences with animated 3D Models and environment designs. These prototypes serve as a good starting point for showing a concept to your potential clients.
Charge Dues: No