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FAQs for Autumn Semester

Below are frequently asked questions for our student organization community related to operations in autumn semester 2020 and beyond. This content will continue to be updated as new information is available. Please refer to the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website and the Student Org Guidance document for additional details.

Please contact with any additional questions or for more detailed information. Our staff is available to consult with your student organization about specific questions and needs.

The following information was last updated September 14, 2020.

Can my student org hold in-person meetings and events?

From an email message to student organization community on September 14, 2020, Ohio State is extending the temporary suspension of all in-person student organization events or gatherings, of any size and/or location. This suspension will be reevaluated weekly.

Once the temporary suspension is ended, according to the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website, all Ohio State autumn 2020 events and gatherings - whether on or off campus - will be virtual, with 10 or fewer in-person participants. It is recommended that all student org meetings and events are held virtually. This applies to events and gatherings held on- and off-campus, indoors and outdoors.

Is meeting/ programming space available on campus?

Many campus event venues are not yet accepting reservation requests, including the Ohio Union, RPAC, classroom spaces and Buckeye Events Network (BEN). New this fall, three outdoor tents will also be made available for campus events and gatherings. Information about the availability of on-campus space as well as reservation processes will be shared as soon as it is available.

The three outdoor tents will be available for informal student gatherings, however are not intended for student organization events until the reservation process opens.

What resources are available to hold virtual meetings and programs?

Student organizations may use university resources - CarmenZoom and Microsoft Teams - or may choose to use non-university resources to hold virtual meetings and programs. 

Check out the Student Org Essentials recorded workshops for additional guidance on virtual operations and meetings including socially distant service, meaningful virtual meetings and virtual member recruitment.

How can we distribute materials to our members or program participants?

The university does not have specific guidance for distribution of materials or tabling. Please follow all existing guidance about limiting in-person events and gatherings to fewer than 10 people, practicing physical distancing, and good hand hygiene. 

Tabling or distribution of materials may only take place in reservable spaces on campus. It may not take place in spaces like open lounges, dining seating areas or library study spaces.

How will annual registration work?

The requirements and timeline for annual registration - for renewing and for brand new organizations - will be the same as in past years. Visit the Registration webpage for full details.

Student organizations who have significantly adapted operations for any portion of the upcoming year may request a registration extension of one semester or one year. This might include choosing not to recruit new members, postponing officer elections or suspending regular meetings. The extension is intended to provide a more flexible timeline for operations and support the needs of leaders and members. Contact to request an extension.

Can we apply for Operating and Programming Funds?

Yes, all student orgs can apply for Operating and Programming Funds on the regular application deadlines. Visit the Funding webpage for full details. You may apply with any status, but only Active organizations will receive funding.

Additional guidance is available for virtual and in-person programs. Please refer to the Student Org Guidance document for additional considerations.

Can we still use the Resource Room?

Yes, the Resource Room re-opened on August 10 with limited hours. Visit the Resource Room webpage for the current hours of operation.

Student organizations may use the Online Order Form to request copying, poster printing and buttons. Payment for online orders must be made using your line-of-credit. For other items, or for non-student org clients, orders may be placed by calling 614-292-8763 during our regular hours.

Until further notice, shared items including popcorn machines, snocone machine and board games are not available for use.

Can we travel for a conference or competition?

In alignment with university restrictions on travel, university funds (Operating and Programming Funds) cannot be used for travel of any kind through at least December 31, 2020. Similarly, travel will not be permitted or reimbursed through Recreational Sports for Sport Clubs.

Student organizations are strongly encouraged not to travel until further notice.

What are the potential consequences if we don't follow university guidance for safety protocols?

Health orders, directives and advisories apply to all student organization activities and gatherings, whether on- or off-campus. Failure to abide by those directives, orders and advisories can - just like failing to follow all applicable local, state and federal laws - subject students and student organizations to disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct.

Although each situation is approached on a case-by-case basis, possible consequences could include the loss of access to university resources (e.g., funding, Resource Room line-of-credit, discounted space reservations) or loss of Active status. Individual student consequences could include suspension.