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The following information was last updated August 22, 2022.

Below is general information and frequently asked questions for our student organization community. This content will continue to be updated as new information is available. Please refer to the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website for additional details.

Please contact with any additional questions or for more detailed information. Our staff is available to consult with your student organization about specific questions and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, student organizations may hold in-person activities. Masking is no longer required in most on-campus spaces, although some attendees may still choose to wear masks. Virtual and hybrid activities are still welcome and in some cases may be preferred for accessibility and convenience as well as health and safety reasons.

Yes, food and drinks may be served at in-person events, gatherings and meetings.

Work with your event planner to make sure you are using approved catering (where applicable). Please note, food is not allowed to be served at meetings in classroom spaces.

Student organizations may use university resources - CarmenZoom and Microsoft Teams - or may choose to use non-university resources to hold virtual meetings and programs. 

Check out the Student Org Essentials recorded workshops for additional guidance on virtual operations and meetings including socially distant service, meaningful virtual meetings and virtual member recruitment.

Review Security Considerations for Virtual Activities for additional resources to prevent and address disruptions or "zoombombing" in virtual activities.

Accessibility, including live-captioning, should be a key consideration for all virtual events. Review the Student Org Caption Guidelines for full details. Student organizations do not need to provide live-captioning and may use automated captioning, as long as communication standards are met.

If an attendee requests an accommodation, student organizations may work directly with the ADA Coordinator's Office ( to make those arrangements. The staff will help organize and fund those services.

Distribution of materials, or tabling, may happen on campus only in reserved spaces. Tabling may not take place in non-reservable spaces like open lounges, dining seating areas or library study spaces.

It is recommended to provide hand sanitizer when distributing materials or arrange for contactless pick-up/ delivery.

In accordance with public health guidance, as of August 2, masking is required for all individuals in on-campus indoor spaces and for non-vaccinated individuals in outdoor spaces. Student organizations should not ask meeting and event attendees to disclose their vaccination or testing status as a condition of membership or attendance. Instead, using the honor system, remind attendees about masking requirements and affirm that anyone may choose to wear a mask for their own personal comfort. Student organization leaders are encouraged to consider different strategies at meetings and events to accommodate broad access, varying levels of comfort, and varying vaccination statuses. For example, offering hybrid meeting options, allowing for physical distancing at events, affirming that masks are welcome in any space and required in on-campus indoor spaces. This can be a sensitive topic. Student organization leaders are encouraged to consult with their advisor and/or the student organization team for assistance.

It is normal for student organization leaders to be feeling higher levels of stress right now. Here are some resources that are available immediately and by appointment:

According to the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes webpage on Recreation, there is an exception for mask wearing when engaging in strenuous exercise. In these cases, continue to practice physical distancing and hand hygiene, limiting in-person events and gatherings to 10 or fewer. Participants should also have their masks available to wear after the strenuous exercise is finished.

The requirements and timeline for annual student organization registration - for renewing and for brand new organizations - will be the same as in past years. Visit the Registration webpage for full details.

Registration extensions expired in autumn 2021 and the temporary suspension of membership size expired in spring semseter 2022.

If your student organization needs additional registration support as you resume operations and programming, please contact to discuss options or request a one-time extension.


Yes, all student organizations can apply for Operating and Programming Funds on the regular application deadlines. Visit the Funding webpage for full details. You may apply with any status, but only Active organizations will receive funding.

Programming Funds can be used to support in-person, hybrid and virtual programs.

Yes, the Resource Room is open for service. Visit the Resource Room webpage for the current hours of operation and available services. All regular services and resources are currently available to use/ request.

As of July 1, 2021 the university will allow travel in line with updated health and safety requirements as well as a continued focus on fiscal responsibility. When using university funds for travel (e.g., CSA operating funds, sponsorship from a university department), student organizations must follow all university guidelines for travel related to health and safety. This includes following CDC guidelines for mask wearing and physical distancing, avoiding travel to destinations experiencing a surge in cases, and overall carefully considering the need for travel as opposed to virtual participation options. Additional details are available on the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website at

For travel activities not using university funds, we recommend student organizations still follow university guidelines for travel related to health and safety. Student organizations should consult with their organization advisor and/or student org team staff at with questions or for guidance related to travel. Given the variability in the types of student organization travel – location, duration and purpose of trip – we are happy to consult with you on plans for your specific activity.

Sororities and fraternities affiliated with one of the four governing councils (IFC, MCGC, MPHC or PHA) and sport clubs have additional requirements and processes related to travel. Please contact your SFL staff liaison or, or contact Rec Sports staff at for additional guidance.

Health orders, directives and advisories apply to all student organization activities and gatherings, whether on- or off-campus. Failure to abide by those directives, orders and advisories can - just like failing to follow all applicable local, state and federal laws - subject students and student organizations to disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct.

Although each situation is approached on a case-by-case basis, possible consequences could include the loss of access to university resources (e.g., funding, Resource Room line-of-credit, discounted space reservations) or loss of Active status. Individual student consequences could include suspension.