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Semester of Service

The Semester of Service Program is a leadership and service program that matches Ohio State undergraduate students with local nonprofit organizations. This experience provides students the opportunity to gain insight into the values and function of community service, while making a semester-long commitment to serve at a single agency.

The application is now available for autumn semester 2017. Read below for more information about the program and the online application link. For full consideration, applications must be received online by April 5, 2017.

Program Requirement:

  • Student participants must be able to serve at least one volunteer shift (3-5 hours) per week at their assigned nonprofit organization.  (Student are welcome to volunteer more hours if they would like).
  • Students must be able to attend five Semester of Service workshops throughout the Autumn 2017 Semester
    • Program Orientation - late August/ early September
    • Workshop 2: Difference - September TBA
    • Workshop 3: Commitment - October TBA
    • Workshop 4: Resilience - November TBA
    • Workshop 5: Integrity - November/ December TBA

Become a Part of the Program!

Applications for autumn semester 2017 are available now! Submit your application online here. Applications are due online by April 5, 2017.

Learn more about our nonprofit partners from spring semester below. Most partners will also participate in autumn, however some may change or be added.

Service Sites

On the application you will have the opportunity to preference service sites. Two students will be matched with each site. Student are responsible for their own transportation to and from the service site. Transportation estimates are calcuated from the Ohio Union to the service site.

Service descriptions and transportation options for each organization can be found below:

All THAT-Teens Hopeful About Tomorrow
(Volunteer Information: ALL THAT- Info)  
Location: 4117 E. Livingston Avenue Columbus, OH 43227 United States
Bus Information: Take the 2, transfer to the 18th, and transfer again to the 1. Or take the 2 and walk .8 miles. This process will take about an hour
Drive Information:  20 minutes

After-School All-Stars Ohio
(Volunteer Information: After School All-Stars- Info)  
Location: Varies between various schools: Champion Middle School, Mifflin Middle Schools, Eastgate Elementary School, Moler Elementary School, and Cassady Elementary School
Bus Information: Bus would take anywhere from 41mins to an hour depending on the specific school.
Drive Information:  13-20 minutes depending on the school

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio
(Volunteer Information: Big Brothers Big Sisters- Info)  
Location: 1855 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. Columbus, OH 43229 United States
Bus Information: Walk .3 miles, take the COTA 8 bus for 38 mins, and walk .5 miles.  This process will take about 50 mins.
Drive Information: 16 minutes

Keep Columbus Beautiful
(Volunteer Information: Keep Columbus Beautiful- Info)  
Location: 1265 Marion Rd Columbus, Ohio 43207 United States
Bus Information: Walk .2 miles, take the COTA 8 Bus for 39 mins, and walk .2 miles. This would take about 45mins
Drive Information: 17 minute drive

Neighborhood Services
(Volunteer Information Neighborhood Services- Info)  
Location: 1950 N 4th St E, Columbus, OH 43201
Bus Information: Walk .6 miles, and take COTA 4 Bus.  Will take about 15mins
Drive Information:  4 minute drive

(Volunteer Information: NNEMAP- Info)  
Location: 677 E. 11th Ave. Columbus, OH 43211 United States
Bus Information: Walk .3 miles, and take the COTA 8 Bus for 5 mins.
Drive Information:  6 minute drive

United Preparatory Academy
(Volunteer Information: United Prep- Info)  
Location: 617 West State Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 United States
Bus Information: Walk .2 miles, take the COTA 8 Bus, transfer to the COTA 12 bus, and walk .2 miles
Drive Information:  10 min drive


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