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Transportation to the Polls

In accordance with the University mission of "Education for Citizenship" - Ohio State is striving to provide a variety of transportation options to make voting as accessible as possible to all Buckeyes. This page details the different options available to students who are registering to vote in Franklin County.

Early voting busEarly Voter Busing

OSU Votes and Transportation and Traffic Management have again partnered to offer FREE transportation to the Franklin County Early Voting Center before the November 3, 2020 general election. 

All buses will pick up at the 12th avenue loop on the South side of the Ohio Union. Buses will wait at the early voting center until all students have finished voting, and then drop them off at the same location they were picked up. Round trip, this should take roughly 90 minutes.

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, all busses are limited to 18 passengers, and all passengers must have masks for the duration of the trip.

All busses have pased for this election cycle. Please check back for future elections.

Lyft Partnership

In addition to the early voter buses, there are other tranpsortation options to vote early or on the day of Election Day

Lyft announced a  2020 Ride to Vote initiative: 50% off one ride (up to $10 off) to any polling location/dropbox on election day, between the hours of 5AM - 11PM local time.

COTA Buses

And, as always, you can use your BuckID to access the COTA bus system to ride to the early voting center on Morse Road, or to your polling location on election day. Download the COTA app to figure out the best route for you! 

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