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OSU votes students at a tabling eventApply to be an OSU Votes Ambassador

As an OSU Votes Ambassador, you can join a movement to increase the number of college students making their voices heard in local, state, and national elections. Being an OSU Votes Ambassador is a great opportunity for Ohio State undergraduates to directly impact the level of civic engagement on campus. OSU Votes is a nonpartisan organization led by students as a part of the Office of Student Life and works to register, educate and encourage other students to vote. Students of all majors and class ranks are encouraged to apply.

OSU Votes Student Ambassadors are responsible for:

  • Registering Ohio State students to vote at tabling and other campus events

  • Co-facilitating workshops about civic engagement, voter registration, and election information for student organizations and groups on campus

  • Volunteering at OSU Votes sponsored National Voter Registration Day and Election Day outreach events

  • Leading the Big Ten Voting Challenge at OSU, a competition aimed to mobilize registration and turnout efforts at all 14 Big Ten universities

  • Participating in tabling and/or outreach events for 2-6 hours per week, contingent on approaching election and registration deadlines