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Welcome to the Workshop and Retreat Network! This Network is designed to bring together qualified facilitators from across campus into one location to make it easy to request workshops and retreats for groups of faculty, staff and students. Complete the request forms below to have a workshop brought to your group or to request assistance planning a retreat or other extended development experience.

Our Facilitators: We have professional staff facilitators from around the university as well as trained student facilitators through the Student Leadership Advocates cohort. A staff member will contact you regarding your request and connect you with the appropriate resources.

When to submit your request: Please submit the online request form at least 4 weeks in advance of your desired workshop/retreat date. This gives us time to find you a facilitator and is also close enough to the date that our facilitators will know their own availability.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a facilitator for each request! We will do our best to match your request with one of our trained facilitators, but due to a variety of factors (busy times of the school year, availability of volunteers, etc.) we may be unable to fulfil your request. If we are unable to match you with a facilitator, we will provide you with at least two weeks notice. And as always, submitting your request early allows us the best chance to meet your needs.

Looking for a workshop topic not listed on the form below? Contact one of these Student Life offices:

Career Connection
Multicultural Center
Student Wellness Center
Walter E. Dennis Learning Center