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Leadership Week

Leadership Week GraphicWhat does "leadership" mean to you?

Leadership Week is a university-wide collaboration to strengthen the culture of student leadership at Ohio State. Whether you have lots of leadership experience or are new to the concept, we encourage you to attend at least one event this week to strengthen your leadership abilities.

Programs, lunch & learns, workshops, and resources will be offered to:

  1.  Make leadership more inclusive and accessible to all Ohio State students.
  2. Challenge stereotypes and myths about leadership.
  3. Inform students about the various leadership education resources that already exist at Ohio State and in Columbus. 
  4. Help students apply leadership tenets to their personal lives, majors, and career.

Leadership Week 2016 has now passed, but be sure to look for next year's schedule! To learn more about Leadership Week and how you can be involved, contact Matt Van Jura at