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Coke Leadership Grants

Thanks to the generous support of Coca-Cola, student organizations may apply for Coca-Cola Leadership Retreat Packages during the academic year. Only organizations who are registered and active with Student Activities are eligible to receive retreat packages. Please view the application for complete details or contact with questions.

Coca-Cola Leadership Retreat Packages provide student organizations with a variety of resources to support experiential and educational retreats. These resources include:

  • Experiential team activities (further details provided on the application).
  • Funding for space rental (meeting rooms, retreat centers, etc.).
  • Funding for consumable supplies (ex: post-it notes, markers, nametags, etc.) and food.
  • Trained facilitators through Student Leadership Advocates.

For more details, watch this brief video.



Note: based on your desired retreat date, you must submit your application by the due dates below in order to be considered for funding.

 Desired Retreat Date

 Application Due Date (by 11:59 p.m.)

 August 16 - October 15

 July 1

 October 16 - December 31

 September 1

 January 1 - March 15

 November 1

 March 16 - May 31

 February 1

 June 1 - August 15

 April 15

We will not review applications until after the due date of the current application window. Our staff will contact you within approximately 7-10 business days following that date to discuss next steps. Upon review, your application will be assigned one of three possible statuses:

  1. Accepted - Everything looks great, the proposal matches the criteria of the Coca Cola Retreat Program, and we're ready to help you make arrangements!
  2. Revisions Needed - Your proposal has some good ideas, but our staff would like to help you make minor changes to make sure your retreat complies with our criteria.
  3. Denied - Your proposal doesn't match the criteria of a leadership development retreat, or you missed a deadline, and we aren't able to accept your application.

Note: there is a limited amount of funding available each year for Coca Cola Retreat Packages, so submit applications early! The limit on funding per application is $500, and each student organization is only eligible for $1,000 maximum per school year.

CocaCola Leadership Grants request is CLOSED until 2019-2020.