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Coke Leadership Grants

Thanks to the generous support of Coca-Cola, student organizations may apply for Coca-Cola Leadership Retreat Packages during the academic year. Only organizations who are registered and active with Student Activities are eligible to receive retreat packages. Please view the application for complete details or contact with questions.

Coca-Cola Leadership Retreat Packages provide student organizations with a variety of resources in support of experiential and educational retreats. Resources include:

  • Funding for consumable supplies and food
  • Coca-Cola beverages
  • Experiential team activities (further details provided on the application)
  • Trained facilitators through Student Leadership Advocates

For more details, watch this brief video.


Click here to apply for a Coca Cola Leadership Grant package! Note: based on your desired retreat date, you must submit your application by the due dates below in order to be considered for funding.

 Desired Retreat Date

 Application Due Date (by 11:59 p.m.)

 August 16 - October 15

 July 1

 October 16 - December 31

 September 1

 January 1 - March 15

 November 15

 March 16 - May 31

 February 1

 June 1 - August 15

 April 15

We will not review applications until all have been received on the specified due date. We will contact you within approximately 7-10 business days following that date. We have a limited amount of funding available each year, so get your application in early! 

Coca-Cola Leadership Funds are a reimbursement-based funding source. Student organizations are asked to arrange and pay for all supplies, activities, and accommodations in advance - and we will issue a check for your approved funding amount following the retreat. If your organization does not have the resources to pay for your retreat in advance, you will have the opportunity to indicate this when completing the request form, and our staff will be in contact with you to make alternate arrangements.