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Buckeye Soup Autumn 2018: Civic Engagement  

Our applications are currently closed, but we're already thinking about our Autumn Soup: Civic Engagement!

Our next Buckeye Soup will take place next Autumn - Keep your eyes and ears open for our application opening. Get ready to come out to another amazing Soup to support your very own student organizations that show civic engagement on campus! 

So... What Is Buckeye Soup?

Buckeye Soup is a crowd-funding opportunity for registered student organizations at The Ohio State University. Check out this video to learn more about the program!

Buckeye SoupHow It Works

  • Registered student organizations submit a mini-grant application, detailing their project idea and why they need funding. Five finalists are accepted to present at the next Buckeye Soup.

  • The night of the event, everyone in attendance makes a small donation of $5 at the door. In exchange, you receive a soup dinner.

  • The program begins and each organization has five minutes to pitch their program idea. After the presentations, audience members vote for their favorite idea. The student organization that receives the most votes will receive all money collected at the door to fund their project.

I Want to Present at the Next Buckeye Soup!

The next Buckeye Soup event is taking place March 29 at 6:30PM in the Cartoon Room! Our applications are now closed, but start brainstorming ideas now so your application for Autumn Soup is the best of the best - We're looking forward to your creativity next year!

Spring 2018: Healing & Resilience Update

  • Congratulations to Peers Reaching Out, our Spring 2018 Buckeye Soup winner! Peers Reaching Out received all funds from the crowd to go towards their upcoming 5K event.

I Want to Learn More!

Great! If you have questions or would like to learn more about how you can get involved with Buckeye Soup, contact Anna Fredendall at