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In an effort to help students make meaning of their personal leadership experiences, the Ohio Union coordinates and supports several leadership studies courses offered through the School of Educational Policy.

Leadership Studies Courses Sponsored through the Office of Student Life:

  • ESHESA 2570 Team and Organizational Leadership: This is a seminar-style course that walks students through the Relational Leadership Model, focusing on how to improve your personal effectiveness in working with and leading others, while also working toward organizational improvement and change. Students have the opportunity to reflect on their own personal leadership philsophy in this course. Certain sections of this course may be offerred for specific cohort groups.
  • ESHESA 2571 Leadership in Community Service: This course provides an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and competencies for responsible service and leadership in diverse communities. It also prepares students for engaged, responsible, and active community involvement and leadership, including the opportunity for weekly service work in the community throughout the duration of the course.
  • ESHESA 2572 Introduction to Leadership Development in Learning Organizations: This course provides an overview of leadership theories throughout modern history and in today's world. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of theories and models through personal inventories, special presentations, and engaged and meaningful discussion. Class excursions, outings, and hands-on activities are utilized throughout the course to enhance learning. Certain sections of this course may be offerred for specific cohort groups.
  • ESHESA 2575 Student Organization Leadership Training: Sections of this course are offerred for members of specific student groups to take together. The curriculum for each section focuses ont he particular needs of the student group regarding organizational leadership and applying their specific organizational experiences to their own personal leadership development. Groups that have utilized this course include sorority and fraternity members and officers, sorority recruitment guides, the Pay It Foward Committee, and student organization presidents.
  • ESHESA 2577 Crossing Boundaries: A Journey Towards Intercultural Leadership Identity Development: "Crossing Identity Boundaries" is a three-credit course designed to bring together students from different cultural and social identity groups in a facilitated learning environment. Interactive dialogues engage students in exploring issues of diversity and inequality as well as their personal and social responsibility for building a more just university and society. Students gain valuable leadership skills that they can effectively utilize long beyond the classroom.
  • ESHESA 3573 Theories of Leadership in Learning Organizations: This course focuses on the particular opportunities and challenges that exist in understanding the theories related to leadership development in a complex and changing world. The course includes exploration of leadership in an international/global context and discussion of leadership in a post-collegiate environment.


For additional information about academic courses sponsored by the Office of Student Life, please contact Matt Van Jura at

Complete Listing of Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies Minor Courses:

A minor in Leadership Studies consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours (of which, 6 hours must be in courses numbered at the 3000 level or above). You need one course from each category. Number of credit hours for each course is listed in parenthesis. If you are interested in declaring the Leadership Studies Minor, please speak with your academic advisor. A full listing of the courses offered as a part of Ohio State's Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies Minor is below.

Personal Leadership Foundations (choose one):

  • BUSMHR 2210: Personal Leadership and Team Effectiveness  (3)             
  • COMLDR 3530: Foundations of Personal and Professional Leadership (3)      
  • ESHESA 2572: Intro to Leadership Development in Learning Organizations (3)    

Team and Organizational Leadership (choose one):

  • AEDECON 3160: Human Resources Management in Small Businesses (2)
  • BUSMHR  4221: Concepts and Competencies for Managing People (3)
  • COMLDR  4430: Leadership in Teams and Community Organizations (3)
  • EDUPAES 4245: Leadership and Programming in Sports Industry (3)
  • ESHESA 2570: Team and Organizational Leadership (3)
  • ESHESA 2575: Student Organization Leadership Training (3)
  • ENGR 5680: Leading in Engineering Organizations (2)
  • MILSCI 2001: Individual Leadership I (2)
  • MILSCI 2002: Individual Leadership II (2)
  • PSYCH 3522: Organizational Psychology (3)
  • PUB AFRS 2130: Leadership in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors (3)

Community Leadership (choose one):

  • ESHESA 2571: Leadership in Community Service (3)
  • POLITSC 3912: Political Leadership (3)
  • PUB AFRS 2120: Public Service and Civic Engagement (3)
  • RURLSOC 4500: Leadership and Community Development (3)

Ethics and Diversity (choose one):

  • BUSMHR 3211:  Leadership and Character (3)
  • ECON 3048: Ethics and Social Responsibility in Economic Life (3)
  • ESHESA 2577: Leadership and Inter-Group Dialogue (3)
  • ESHESA 3573: Theories of Leadership in Learning Organizations (3)
  • PHILOS 3300: Moral Philosophy (3)

Practicum (choose one):

  • Major Dept 4193 or above: Context-Based Leadership practicum (3-4)
  • COMLDR 4480: Leadership Practicum (3-4)