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Graduate and Professional Student Invovlvement and Resource Fair Support


Fair Details and Features

The in-person event will be on Sunday, August 22, 2021, from 4-7 p.m.

The live Virtual Fair is from 3:30 - 5:30 PM on Thursday, August 23rd.  The virtual platform will remain open for engagement from September 23rd - November 30th.

Access the virtual fair as an organization at

The Graduate and Professional Student Invovlement and Resource Fair will be hosted in-person as well as in a virtual platform that will allow students to physically and virtually visit and connect with student organizations, campus departments, and community booths. Organizations will be able to chat with attendees and showcase information and materials in both their physical and virtual booths for attendee viewing.

Participating organizations can expect the following:

In-person: The live in-person fair will be held on the afternoon of Sunday, August 22 from 4-7 p.m. Student organizations will be provided one 6-ft table that can be used to display organization materials, artifacts, and promotional items.

Virtual: The virtual platform that was used for last year's fairs will be utilized this year in close connection with the in-person experience. All organizations participating in the fair will be expected to have a virtual booth regardless of their in-person booth. On September 16th, the platform will open to grad/prof students to build their individual profiles, prepare for the live event, and get matched to suggested organizations based on their interests. Students will then be encouraged to seek out organizations of their interest at the live event on Thursday, September 23rd. After the event, your organization will be promoted in the fair platform until November 30th while students continue to search for involvement opportunities and org events throughout the semester.

Here's a preview of what the fair will look like to attendees:


The SIF team provided an instructional walk-through of the virtual platform, explain and answer questions about the in-person event, and highlight tips for success in engaging the attendees at the fair. For the purposed of the Grad/Prof Vitural Fair, virtual details start at 16:08, and view a screen share tutorial of the virtual system at 45:25.

View the recording

3:05 - Basic event overview
7:25 - In-person details
16:08 - Virtual details
22:00 - Support resources & contact information
28:43 - Reminder recap & timeline
30:20 - Q&A
45:25 - CampusGroups demo

Instructions for Participation

Read step-by-step instructions with photos for accessing, editing, and previewing your virtual booth.

View the recorded webinar walk-throughIn-person details start at 7:25, virtual details start at 16:08, and view a screen share tutorial of the virtual system at 45:25.

Student organizations must pre-register for the Fair.

  1. Get to work on your physical booth.
    • Determine booth officers. Officers have full access to all booth features - staffing the booth, providing information, chatting with attendees, and collecting attendee contact information. Officers also have the ability to navigate as attendees during the fair.
    • Customize your booth. You may add displays, signs, and you may hand out items. If you have questions or concerns about what is allowed at the Fair or have not included your display information in your registration, please email Kerry ( We will be reviewing each org's display request. 
  2. Get to work on your virtual booth. Follow step-by-step instructions to set up your virtual booth.
    • Determine booth officers for the virtual fair. Officers have full access to all booth features - staffing the booth, providing information, chatting with attendees, and exporting attendee information. Officers also have the ability to navigate as attendees during the fair.
    • Customize your booth. View a Campus-Groups provided video walk-through of customizing a booth to get more insight. Check out a list below of suggestions to add to your booth for ideas. 
  3. Determine day-of-roles for officers. During the hours of the Fair, at least one booth officer must be present to facilitate the in-person booth.
    • Physical booth: No more than 3 officers may be present at one time.
    • Virtual booth: Officers can choose to enable or disable the live chat feature and may choose to provide a link to a live Zoom room for additional interaction. Any Zoom rooms must require authentication to enter, as a security precaution. For Zoom use support, check out the CarmenZoom Resource Page. If your organization is providing both chat and live video options, it is recommended to have different individuals staffing each feature. Don't forget to designate which officers have access to the chat in your booth settings!
  4. Update shareable organization information. Ensure your organization is ready to connect with interested students by updating any external platforms (Student Org Directory listing, social media, websites, etc) and providing it in-person or in the virtual fair. 
  5. Enjoy the Fair! Make sure to show up early so you can get your booth set up in time for attendees to experience it! Check-in and set up will begin at 2 p.m. Organization leaders will receive an email confirmation with check-in instructions. When you're ready for your virtual booth to open, make sure to select to Activate Booth in Campus Groups in order for it to show up in the fair. View the post-fair suggestions list below for support on how to maximize the use of the virtual features and roll into the year successfully.
  6. Export information and contact potential members after the fair. Check out the step-by-step instructions for Student Organization Involvement Fair Contact Export to generate a report of people who indicated an interest in your organization during the virtual fair. The virtual platform will remain open throughout the semester until October 31, which means people may decide to reach out to you after the in-person event. Be prepared to check the virtual platform occassionally throughout the semester.

Virtual Booth Customization Suggestions/Expectations 

By adding many different types of information and materials to your booth, your organization is more likely to be seen by attendees because the system prioritizes organizations with more booth content higher on search results.

  • Videos: Videos should be short, dynamic, and fun. Show potential members what they'd be missing if they didn't join!
    • 30 second pitch - What are the most important things to share about what makes your organization unique? 
    • Leadership team personal introductions: "Get to know the team" - things to include could be: name, pronouns, leadership role, and one thing you love about the organization or why you joined
    • Welcome video - For example, "A day in the life of a member in our org"
    • Highlight reel of signature organization events
  • Photos/Documents:
    • Your main photo will be what appears in the thumbnail for your organization. An eye-catching logo would be perfect for this photo.
    • Show a range of photos to supplement. These could be photos of your leadership team, the full membership, candids of member projects, awards or recognition, sponsors or community partners, events, and items that relate to your purpose.
    • Attach documents such as event flyers or your organization's constitution.
  • Links:
    • Post your organization's website. Don't have one? Primary leaders can request free website hosting via the Student Org Management System.
    • Invite followers to your social media accounts
    • Attach a link to your calendar for the semester
    • Include contact information for org leaders, membership chairperson, or general or email address

Post-Fair Success

In order to start the school year as strongly as possible, consider the following ideas:

  • After the fair ends, officers may export contact information from interested students. Consider sending out a fun and engaging invitation to potential members for your next connection with them.
  • Establish an operational structure for leadership team meetings, full-group meetings, team-building activities, 1:1s with members, and other efforts for connection.
  • Request a Coach to develop an action plan for operations this school year.
  • Make sure your organization maintains its active status if you are due for registration this semester.
  • Mark your calendars for upcoming programs that will help you learn to support the member experience in your organization. Visit the Programming page to learn about what opportunities are upcoming.

We're Here to Help


What else do you need? What problems do you need to figure out? Contact: Kerry Hodak

During the hours of the fair:

  • Use the Information Booths for help. For the virtual Fair, once you are logged on and in the fair, you will be able to access the virtual information booth on the left toolbar. Whether you need clarification on how to navigate the fair, are experiencing technical difficulties, or have a general question, the Information Booths will allow you to get the help you need.