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Fair Details and Features

Sunday, August 23, 2020 from 4-7 p.m.

Access the fair at

The Autumn 2020 Graduate and Professional Involvement and Resource Fair will be hosted in a virtual platform that will allow students to virtually visit and connect with student organization, campus department, and Columbus organization booths. Organizations will be able to live-chat with attendees and showcase information and materials in their virtual booth for attendee viewing.

Participating organizations can expect the following:

  • Virtual booth which can be customized
  • Upload various materials (videos, photos, documents, website links, social media, etc.)
  • Flexible connection options - live-chat, video chat, or both
  • Private chat between org officers
  • Export attendee information for easy post-fair communication
  • Access to the fair portal until August 30 - connect with potential members after the fair, log in and export information, and message interested individuals directly in the system.

Here's a preview of what the fair will look like:

Office Hours for Drop-In Support

Sunday, August 23: 3:00PM - 4:00 PM: Our team will be answering questions in the CampusGroups system virtual Information Booth. Send a message in the system if you need direct support during that time.

Instructions for Participation

Organizations must pre-register for the Grad/Prof Fair. Use the step-by-step instructions below or use the video walk-through to prepare for the Fair.

A full-system video walk-through was created by the SIF team to show you how to navigate the fair as you set up your organization's booth.  Although this was recorded using the SIF Virtual Fair, the Grad/Prof Fair is using the same platform and the processes and procedures are identical in the Grad/Prof Fair.   A similar walk-through for general fair attendees is available to view so that you will understand how grad/prof student attendees will interact with your booth in the Grad/Prof Fair.

  1. Enter the Virtual Fair portal. The individual who was listed as the primary contact on the organization's Fair registration form will be granted access to the online portal as an officer of the booth.
  2. Get to work on your booth. Click on your organization. From your group Dashboard, go to More Tools > Virtual Fairs, then click on the Booth Settings button on the listing for this fair. Check out this video to learn more about using the fair portal and navigating your booth.
    • Determine booth officers. Officers have full access to all booth features - staffing the booth, uploading information, chatting with attendees, and exporting attendee information. Officers also have the ability to see what attendees do, during the fair, by selecting the "Home" button on the page. Other officers will be able to join the group, after they sign into using their name.#. Then the first officer must enter the portal, so they can add in the rest of the leadership team/officers.There is not a limit to the number of officers that can be added.  Be sure to use their DO NOT use

    • Customize your booth. Start adding content! Help prospective members get to know about your organization. Plus, the more content you add, the higher on the list of groups you will appear when filtered by “Most Active” and the more interest you can earn. Each booth can contain: main photo, document attachments, link to a Zoom room, links to websites and videos, and photos. Officers can use tags to help the organization appear in attendee searches. View a Campus-Groups provided video walk-through of customizing a booth to get more insight. Check out a list below of suggestions to add to your booth for ideas
  3. Determine day-of-roles for officers. During the hours of the Fair, at least one booth officer must be present to facilitate the booth. Officers can choose to enable or disable the live chat feature, and may choose to provide a link to a live Zoom room for additional interaction. For Zoom use support, check out the CarmenZoom Resource Page. If your organization is providing both chat and live video options, it is recommended to have different individuals staffing each feature. Don't forget to designate which officers have access to the chat in your booth settings!
  4. Update shareable organization information. Ensure your organization is ready to connect with interested students by updating any external platforms (Student Org Directory listing, social media, websites, etc). 
  5. Enjoy the Fair! When you're ready, make sure Activate Booth is selected in order for it to show up in the fair. View the post-Fair suggestions list below for support on how to maximize use of the features and roll into the year successfully.
  6. Contact potential members after the fair. After the fair, you will be able to see everyone who clicked the “I’m Interested” button for your group by going to your Members list, Contacts, then filtering by the Member Tag with the name of the fair to follow up with more information about joining the group and your upcoming planned meetings and events.

Booth Customization Suggestions

By adding many different types of information and materials to your booth, your organization is more likely to be seen by attendees because the system prioritizes organizations with more booth content higher on search results.

Student organizations who post at least 1 video, 3 photos, 1 document, and Zoom room will be entered into a drawing for marketing sponsorship by Student Activities to promote your organization after the Fair.

  • Videos: Videos should be short, dynamic, and fun. Show potential members what they'd be missing if they didn't join!
    • 30 second pitch - What are the most important things to share about what makes your organization unique? 
    • Leadership team personal introductions: "Get to know the team" - things to include could be: name, pronouns, leadership role, and one thing you love about the organization or why you joined
    • Welcome video - For example, "A day in the life of a member in our org"
    • Highlight reel of signature organization events
  • Photos/Documents:
    • Your main photo will be what appears in the thumbnail for your organization. An eye-catching logo would be perfect for this photo.
    • Show a range of photos to supplement. These could be photos of your leadership team, the full membership, candids of member projects, awards or recognition, sponsors or community partners, events, and items that relate to your purpose.
    • Attach documents such as event flyers or your organization's constitution.
  • Links:
    • Post your organization's website. Don't have one? Primary leaders can request free website hosting via the Student Org Management System.
    • Invite followers to your social media accounts
    • Attach a link to your calendar for the semester
    • Include contact information for org leaders, membership chairperson, or general or email address

Post-Fair Success

In order to start the school year as strongly as possible, consider the following ideas:

  • After the fair ends, up to September 30th, officers may export contact information from interested students. Consider sending out a fun and engaging invitation to potential members for your next connection with them. 
  • Establish operational structure for leadership team meetings, full-group meetings, team-building activities, 1:1s with members, and other efforts for connection.
  • Review the recorded Student Org Essentials programs from this summer. Topics include using social media for your organization to tangible action steps for virtual recruitment techniques!
  • Sign up to attend an upcoming Student Org Essentials program.
  • Request a Coach to develop an action plan for operations this school year.
  • Make sure your organization maintains its active status if you are due for registration this fall.

We're Here to Help


What else do you need? What problems do you need to figure out? Contact:

During the hours of the fair, use the Information Booth for help in live-time. Once you are logged on and in the fair, you will be able to access this virtual help desk on the left toolbar. Whether you need clarification on how to navigate the fair, are experiencing technical difficulties, or have a general question, the Information Booth will allow you to get the help you need.

Attendee Information

Attendees will be able to connect with student organizations and campus departments from the comfort of your home! To prepare for the Fair, create a profile within the Virtual Fair tool.

Use the Attendee Flowchart below for a visual guide on how to create your profile. Read below for more specific step-by-step instructions as well.  We also have a video that shows how to set up a profile and navigate the fair.  Please note that the video was created by our team for the Student Involvement Fair but everything applies to the Grad/Prof Involvement and Resource Fair because both are using the same digital platform.

Accessibility statement: We want all students to be able to access the fair and acknowledge that there may be specific accessibility barriers that are unique to a virtual involvement fair, including the visual layout of the fair and the interactive chat feature. You may request accommodations prior to the fair by emailing or on the day of the fair by calling (614) 292-0253. 

How to Create a Profile

In addition to steps below, we have a video demonstrating the process: 

1. Log on to the Virtual Fair tool and sign in using your last name.# (ie. Buckeye.1) and password.

2. Click the home button in the upper right corner.

3. Click the blank avatar in the upper right corner to access your account information.

4. From that dropdown list, click "Edit Profile."

5. Fill out the required fields and as much other information as you would like to include.
NOTE: You must press SAVE at the bottom of each page before clicking NEXT, otherwise it will not save your entry.

6. To be matched by interest to student organizations, university departments, and Columbus resources click the "Interests" tab and select each of your interests from the dropdown menu next to the "Interests" category.

How to Navigate the Virtual Fair - will be live on August 23 at 4-7 p.m.

Check out our video instructions.

1. After completing your profile, click the "Home" button on the left-hand side of the top toolbar. Then, on the left navigation bar, click "Virtual Fairs" and then "Student Involvement Fair", which will drop down from "Virtual Fairs".

2. If you previously did your profile or aren't interested in being matched with organizations, click here to go directly to the Virtual Student Involvement Fair.

3. Once you get into the Fair, use the left toolbar to navigate to a variety of features:

  • "Map View" and "List of Organizations", which allow you to view all of the organizations that have booths at the fair in different ways. "Map View" visually groups the organizations into categories that you can click on and explore. "List of Organizations" initially organizes the organizations by what booths are most active at the time, but you can put filters on the list and even search for a specific organization if you want to narrow down what's on your page.

  • "List of Participants", which will show you everybody who is actively participating in the fair.

  • "Information Booth", which is where you can go to chat with one of the Student Involvement Fair volunteers. Whether you need clarification on how to navigate the fair, are experiencing technical difficulties, or have a question about what groups might be good for you, the Information Booth will allow you to get the help you need.

  • "I'm Interested", which is a collection of all of the organizations you've individually clicked the "I'm Interested" button for in their booth. By clicking this button, it allows groups to collect your contact information so that they can reach out about their future meetings and other programming.

  • "Suggested Organizations", which is a collection of organizations whose selected interests match the interests you selected on your profile. For example, if you add "food" and "history" as your interests on your profile, all of the organizations who have selected those as being applicable to the work that they do will show up in this tab. 

  • "Chat", which will allow you to chat with anybody else who is participating in the fair and see public org chats.

 4. Once you're in the Fair, use these features:

Click on their name or on the photograph on the left hand side of their booth. Scroll through any photos and documents they have attached so that you can learn more about their operations. If you like what you see, make sure you click the "I'm Interested" button at the bottom of their booth (or next to their name on the list of all organizations). This will allow them to reach back out to you post-event (and for you to see all of the organizations you indicated interest in on the left toolbars "I'm Interested" category).

  • Text chat privately with one of their representatives. In order to do this, click on the chat bubble to the right of their booth (in list view) and then join a private chat. This could be a helpful tool if you have a personal question about how an organization could fit into your schedule or could help you with a personal goal.
  • Text chat publicly with the people staffing the booth and the people visiting the booth. In order to do this, click on the chat bubble to the right of their booth (in list view) and join the public chat. This could be a helpful tool if you have a general question that you can't find an answer to in the club's booth or want to publicly introduce yourself and network with like-minded people.
  • Join the organization's live Zoom meeting to chat with individuals staffing the booth. You can do this by finding the Zoom link within their booth or by clicking the camera icon on the right side of their booth on the list view. This could be a helpful tool if you're interested in a club and would prefer to chat "face-to-face." Don't be afraid to pop-in, say "hi", and see what they're up to!