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Diversity and Implicit Bias Awareness Program FAQs

Diversity & Implicit Bias Awareness Certification Program

Frequently Asked Questions


  • I did not receive a confirmation email. Am I registered?

If you reach the prompt at the end of the registration form, your registration has been submitted. Email confirmations are not instantaneous so please be patient as staff is required to send confirmation emails individually. If you have not received a confirmation email by the day of the event, please send an email to Deborwah Faulk.30

  • I completed Open Doors in the past year (either academic or calendar year) do I have to take Open Doors again?

If you have taken Open Doors in the past year you do not have to take Open Doors again. You will need to complete one (1) Implicit Bias session and one (1) Identity-specific session.

  • I signed up for the program but I have a conflict with one or more of the sessions, what should I do?

The program is linear and specificity increases with every component of the program. In other words, the program and its various parts are intended to build upon one another. If you are unable to make it to your first component (i.e. Open Doors) prior to attending subsequent sessions (i.e. Implicit Bias and Identity-Specific sessions) you will need to register again for the program as you will be out of sequence. If you have an emergency or are unable to attend please email Deborwah Faulk.30.

  • I want to participate in the program but I cannot commit to any of the dates currently being offered?

The program design allows for participants to take sessions across academic terms. If you are unable to commit to a series of sessions, please wait until your schedule aligns appropriately as you will be unable to go out of sequence. Additional program dates will be added as they are available. Participants are encouraged to check back frequently for new dates.

  • I want to attend a program to satisfy my identity-specific requirement, what are the requirements of this session and how do I go about getting this program approved?

To satisfy the identity-specific component of the Diversity & Implicit Bias program you must attend a program that last (1) a minimum of two hours, (2) must be held on Ohio State University-Columbus campus, (3) must address a specific form of identity (e.g. religion/spirituality, class and culture, etc.), (4) must address diversity and implicit bias (4) must not be covered by a session provided by the Diversity & Implicit Bias. You will need to complete the appropriate form accessible here and email or send to Deborwah Faulk.30.