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Pay It Forward is committed to providing access and resources for volunteer opportunities located in our community even though we might not be able to physically show up for our partners right now. 

Below is a preliminary list of community partners we have connected with, the list will continue to expand so please check back often for new partners and feel empowered to share this information broadly with your networks.

In service,

Pay It Forward

A PDF of the below information can be found here: Virtual Service Opportunities

Current Service Opportunities

Agencies are listed in alphabetical order, this list is being updated daily so please check back often for more opportunities


Agency Name: American Cancer Society - Relay For Life

Address: 5555 Frantz Rd

Contact Information: Courtney Ross 614-726-4475

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: American Red Cross, Ohio Buckeye Region

Address: 995 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43205

Contact Information: Rebecca Dungee, 614-395-3924 or

Description of Current Needs:

  • Volunteers are urgently needed to help fill multiple positions - Blood Donor Ambassadors & Blood Donor Ambassador Screeners, Disaster Action Team Members, Disaster Action Team Dispatchers (this is a remote position), Volunteer Screeners (this is a remote position), Volunteer Recruiting (currently a remote position will move to in-person when we return to normal state) - can apply to help at   
  • Blood Donations are URGENTLY needed - nationwide all blood banks are experiencing shortages if you are healthy please give information can be found at  
  • Financial Donations -


Agency Name: Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus

Address: 1108 City Park Ave

Contact Information: Addie Natalie, 614-296-6072

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: CaringWire

Address: 845 N High St Columbus, OH 43215

Contact Information: Michael Sentz, 614-271-1792

Description of Current Needs:

  • is a free online resource where individuals and/or family caregivers can go to find guidance, information and resources that meet their needs. They have online chat and phone support available at this time. They can be reached directly at 614.271.1792  
  • Find resources related to food, paying bills, personal care, home care, legal, tax prep, transportation, social isolation and loneliness. 


Agency Name: Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging

Address: 3776 S. High St., Columbus OH 43207

Contact Information: Tamara James, 614-645-5567,

Description of Current Needs:

  • Our priority need at this time is funding. Many of the individuals served by COAAA have very limited income or precarious financial situations. Additional funding (through COAAA’s non-profit organization, Aging Solutions) enables COAAA to assist people with hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and extra food or medications so they can safety endure the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Online donations can be made at


Agency Name: Clintonville-Community Resources Center

Address: 14 W Lakeview Ave, Columbus, OH 43202

Contact Information: Christine Happel, 614-268-3539 (office)/614-404-3156 (cell),

Description of Current Needs:

  • Sign up to volunteer with “Village in the Ville” and earn volunteer hours
  • Village in the Ville, and 4 additional Village programs in Columbus, provide support to older adults hoping to stay in their homes and remain connected to community, as they age. One of the major ways we support older adults is by helping them to maintain the outsides of their homes, through yard work, leaf raking, snow removal and more. 

Agency Name: Colony Cats

Address: 2740 Festival Lane, Dublin, OH 43017

Contact Information: Meg Long 614-562-4698

Description of Current Needs:

  • Monetary (adoptions are down due to pandemic), supplies (link will include our wish list), individual volunteering morning hours from 9 am to noon daily


Agency Name: Community Refugee Immigration Services (CRIS)

Address: 1925 E. Dublin-Granville Rd, Suite 102

Contact Information: Jeremy Hollon, 614-235-747,

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: Fellowship Lutheran Church

Address: 7350 Sawmill Rd, Columbus, OH 43235

Contact Information: Pastor Robin Wargowsky 614-889-0113

Description of Current Needs:

  • Monetary donations; errands for our home bound and shut-ins; transportation to doctor’s appointments


Agency Name: Gladden Community House

Address: 183 Hawkes Ave. Columbus, OH 43223

Contact Information: Lindsay Blackburn,, (614) 227-1619

Description of Current Needs:

  • High need items include personal hygiene items: full size shampoo/conditioner/soap/deodorant/toothpaste/etc., and household cleaning supplies (tide pods/toilet paper/paper towels/dish soap/etc.).
  • Donations can also be made directly to our website


Agency Name: Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio

Address: 6665 Busch Blvd, Columbus, OH 43229

Contact Information: 614-422-4828

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: Holy Family Soup Kitchen

Address: 57 S Grubb St, Columbus OH 43215

Contact Information: Dana Krull,

Description of Current Needs:

  • For ongoing opportunities check out our website at


Agency Name: Indianola Church of Christ

Address: 2141 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

Contact Information: Rob VandenBerg, 616-283-8995,

Description of Current Needs:

  • We have built a robust system for organizing volunteers for remotely checking in with people at risk of social isolation by phone. We are willing to include members of the community who need someone to talk to in our contact efforts, and we will also gladly share the tools we are developing with other organizations interested in undertaking similar efforts.


Agency Name: Kaleidoscope Youth Center

Address: 603 East Town Street, 43215

Contact Information: James Westfall 614-294-5437

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: Linworth Road Church

Address: 5400 Linworth Rd Columbus Ohio 43235

Contact Information: Nick Carruthers 614-442-5722

Description of Current Needs:

  • We have a food pantry so any food or personal hygiene donations would be appreciated.


Agency Name: LSS CHOICES


Contact Information: McKenzie Hopkins, Volunteer and Engagement Manager,, 614-224-7218

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: LSS Faith Mission

Address: 245 N. Grant Ave., Columbus, OH 43215

Contact Information: Mollie Vrable, Volunteer Services Manager,, 614-598-1209

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: LSS Food Pantries

Address: 1460 S. Champion Ave., Columbus, OH 43206

Contact Information: Paul Rich, Volunteer Services Manager,, 614-300-3263

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Address: 3960 Brookham Dr., Grove City OH 43123

Contact Information: Jeremy Brauning, 614-277-3663

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: Mid-Ohio Workers Association

Address: 2236 Summit Street

Contact Information: (614) 262-0567

Description of Current Needs:

  • Right now we are filling lots of emergency food requests from members who are laid off due to corona virus. This means we need drivers to deliver food to people, people who could take a list of members to call, people who could do collections of non-perishable (and perishable) food, and our office is still open for our members (using hand sanitizer and frequent sterilization protocols) and we need people who are healthy and can come in to coordinate the work.


Agency Name: Neighborhood Services, Inc.

Address: 1950 N 4th St Suite J/K, Columbus, OH 43201

Contact Information: Lindsay Barber 614-297-0592

Description of Current Needs:

  • Conveniently located within walking distance of campus. Very flexible with scheduling and don't require a formal orientation or long term commitment. Open for volunteers Monday through Friday 9 am to 2 pm.
  • Students can sign up for a shift here: OR they are welcome to just show up!


Agency Name: NNEMAP Food Pantry

Address: 677 E. 11th Ave. Col. 43211

Contact Information: Roy Clark 614-542-7366

Description of Current Needs:

  • Our website  has a donate button through PayPal for monetary donations.
  • Any canned veggies along with potatoes and onions would be great. If anyone has availability to volunteer, we are open MTWF from 9-12. Come at 8:30!


Agency Name: Summit's Trace Healthcare

Address: 935 N Cassady Ave.

Contact Information: Darlene Griffin, 614-252-4987

Description of Current Needs:

  • Due to this virus our residents have to spend more time in their rooms. We are in need of large print word search books, adult coloring books, colored pencils, magazines, large print books, and nail polish. Please call if you have any questions.


Agency Name: The Cat Welfare Association

Address: 741 Wetmore Rd, Columbus OH 43214

Contact Information: Jennifer Howell, 614.268.6096

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: The Columbus Historical Society

Address: 717 West Town Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222

Contact Information: Aimee Briley, 614-224-0822

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: Victory Ministries

Address: 3964 E. Main Street, Whitehall, OH 43213

Contact Information: Lindsay Williams, 614-252-2500

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: Vineyard Columbus Food Pantry

Address: 181 e 5th Ave, Columbus 43201

Contact Information: Jenney Rice, 614-738-8071

Description of Current Needs:

  • Looking for: baby wipes for our homeless community and possibly could use a few volunteers to serve on Saturday mornings if they are in good health.


Agency Name: Worthington Christian Village

Address: 165 Highbluffs Blvd Columbus, OH

Contact Information: Lauren Feyh, 614-433-2532

Description of Current Needs:

  • --  (identify donations go towards HCC activities),  donations of apple tablets for residents, masks donated, ways for residents to connect with their families through technology


Agency Name: Worthington Resource Pantry

Address: 6700 Huntley Road

Contact Information: Christa Hester, (614) 985-1766 or Janet Blocher, (614) 985-1766

Description of Current Needs:


Agency Name: YWCA Columbus

Address: 900 Harvey Court, Columbus, OH 43219

Contact Information: Naomi Merino, 614.253.3955,

Description of Current Needs:

  • Monetary Donations (
  • Material Donations (Iron-fortified formula, soy milk, baby food, surface wipes, bottled water, hand sanitizer, paper plates, plastic utensils, activities for children - board games, puzzles, coloring books, disposable gloves, toiletries, sippy cups, diapers)