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This page lists the organization award winners of 2022 Student Life Leadership Awards. Feel free to review the complete For a listing of individual award winners, visit the Individual Winner webpage. Also be sure to check out the Leadership Awards highlight on @StudentLifeOSU on Instagram.

Outstanding Diversity Program Award | Boehm Holistic Wellness AwardStudent Organization Excellence in Member Development | Student Organization Excellence in Organization Operations | Student Organization Excellence in Community Engagement | Oustanding Student Organization Program | Outstanding New Student Organization | Oustanding Student Organization | Spirit of Ohio State Award

Boehm Holistic Wellness Award

Sponsored by the Student Life Wellness Center, this award is presented in both individual and organization categories. The award recognizes Buckeyes who have promoted holistic wellness through leadership.

Wellness Advocacy 

The mission of Wellness Advocacy at The Ohio State University is to promote and advocate for the 9 dimensions of wellness as a central part of the student experience. They do this by collaborating with other wellness-based organizations and striving to present wellness in an inclusive way where students can develop a wellness practice that works for them. Their most successful event this year was a Puppy Yoga class in collaboration with CHAARG and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. They also hosted a Financial Wellness series with IGNITE and participated in USG’s #MeTooWeek.  

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Outstanding Diversity Program

Sponsored by the Student Life Multicultural Center, these awards are presented to students and student organization programs that have demonstrated a significant commitment to fostering intercultural impact as part of ongoing efforts to create a globally engaged citizenry among students at The Ohio State University. The awards recognize efforts put forth by students to encourage a deeper understanding of diversity and social justice and create intercultural understanding.

The English Conversation Program 

The English Conversation Program is a co-curricular student-led intercultural communication program supported by the Global Engagement Team at The Office International Affairs that organizes Ohio State students from around the world into conversation groups based on diverse backgrounds and interests in intercultural communication. ECP markets itself as a program for "people who want to meet other people from around the world,” and they strive to build spaces and opportunities for intercultural communication and connections.  

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Student Organization Excellence Awards

In many respects, the success of student organization programming contributes to “Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience at Ohio State.” The excellence awards are designed to recognize student organizations whose work over the past year demonstrates notable accomplishments success in Member Development, Organization Operations, and Community Engagement, the three domains within the Student Organization Success Framework.

Student Organization Excellence in Member Development

Ohio Union Activities Board 

As a premier programming group at Ohio State, the Ohio Union Activities Board knows their success occurs because of their members. The mission of OUAB is to create diverse programming and events that are educational, entertaining, and thought-provoking. OUAB provides its members with a healthy, engaging, and supportive environment to build their leadership skills. General members are encouraged to take on leadership roles for their committee's events, have regular check-ins with exec to develop their leadership, and are celebrated through membership spotlights.  

Pakistani American Students' Association 

In addition to being recognized for their Community Engagement efforts, the Pakistani American Students’ Association has centered communication and dialogue skills to create a meaningful experience for their members. PASA fosters a culture in which board members and general body members actively listen to one another during meetings, events, and social gatherings, which also helps in navigating interpersonal conflicts. PASA fosters members’ holistic wellness through community building and supporting identity exploration in a positive and uplifting environment.  

The Society of Women Engineers 

The ultimate focus of the Society of Women Engineers is the experience of their members as they support the success of women engineers during and after college. Within recent years, SWE has taken steps to become more accessible and open with the general body and update their leadership structures based on member suggestions, including the addition of chair positions and improved diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. SWE encourages open dialogue and all members are invited to attend the spring semester Strategic Planning meeting as a way to encourage engagement between members and leaders.  

Undergraduate Student Government 

As the voice of the undergraduate student body, the Undergraduate Student Government has worked hard to foster a meaningful culture for their members as Students Serving Students. Due to USG’s incredible connections with university leadership and integration into shared governance at Ohio State, they have the ability to initiate changes that have profound effects on students. Throughout this work, USG focuses on equity that truly serves all students. In addition to leadership structure, USG hosts professional and personal development workshops for their members throughout the year to promote all members’ holistic growth.

Student Organization Excellence in Organization Operations

Biomedical Engineering Society 

The Biomedical Engineering Society provides meaningful social and professional experiences for students interested in academia, medicine, and the biomedical industry. BMES provides events and opportunities for professional, academic, and personal growth for members through the areas of mentorship, professional development, outreach, social events, community service, and hands-on projects. BMES has doubled attendance rates and created new professional development events that allow students a perspective into several career paths for biomedical engineering.  

The Society of Women Engineers 

A winner of several recognitions today, it should come as no surprise that The Society of Women Engineers relies on a foundation of excellent organization operations practices to support their mission. As an organization that sees average annual expenses of over $100,000, a detailed roadmap for financial management is a crucial part of SWE’s success. Their annual SWE Career Fair generates nearly $70,000 of revenue, which is supplemented by the efforts of the Sponsorship Director, who brought in nearly $40,000 in donations from company partners this past year. They also work hard on their inclusion efforts to be as effective and true to their mission as possible. 

Student Organization Excellence in Community Engagement

Branches Tutoring Club 

Branches Tutoring Club aims to bridge the gap in educational motivation among elementary school students in the Columbus community amidst changing learning circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What distinguishes Branches Tutoring Club from other organizations is the commitment to not just tutor elementary school students in academic content, but also provide education about healthy lifestyles and overall wellness. The organization promotes both academic and personal success, as these students grow and become responsible for maintaining a balance between the two in their own lives. 

ENCompass: Empowering Neighborhoods in Columbus 

ENCompass aims to empower Columbus residents with social resources to combat the negative health impacts associated with low socioeconomic status. As a public health organization, ENCompass student volunteers visit sites around Columbus, such as food pantries and free clinics, and provide free social resource prescriptions and consultations which empower clients to improve their social conditions, health outcomes, and quality of life. They are truly committed to Ohio State’s motto of “Education for Citizenship.” 

Pakistani American Students' Association 

The mission of Pakistani American Students’ Association is to value preserving the Pakistani identity, traditions, and its rich culture through hosting social, cultural, educational, and sporting events that welcome anyone interested in learning about Pakistan. To work towards their mission, PASA set a goal to construct stronger relationships with other South Asian organizations on campus via collaborative educational and cultural events that include discourse regarding common history, national problems, and bilateral relations, as well as celebrating the vast shared culture and traditions.  

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Outstanding Student Organization Program Award

Ohio State student organizations host thousands of events throughout the academic year, contributing not only to the extraordinary student experience of their own members, but the to the campus community as well. Outstanding programs promote the mission of the organization, meaningfully involve members in the planning and execution of the event, and make a lasting impact on membership and/or the campus community. Successful programs will align with the Programming outcome in the Student Organization Success Framework.

The Society of Women Engineers 

The Society of Women Engineers, whose mission is to empower women engineers to reach their full potential in college and after college career success, is being recognized this year for their Career Confidence Series. This five-part Zoom series was created to prepare members in all aspects of their internship and job search. While SWE puts on many career-preparation programs every year, the purpose of this program was to provide members more individualized support in their career growth. This program had a big impact for participants’ career success, as 80% of participants received an internship or job offer after their completion of the series. 

Student Community of Progressive Empowerment 

The mission of Student Community of Progressive Empowerment, or SCOPE, is to support and serve undocumented and DACAmented students through advocacy and resources. SCOPE is the first and only student organization in the state of Ohio to serve and be led by undocumented students. With only 2% of undocumented people having a college degree across the nation, SCOPE honored this incredible achievement by hosting the inaugural State of Ohio UndocuGraduation, celebrating bachelor’s, master's, and doctoral students from all over Ohio. 

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Outstanding Student Organization

Ohio State believes in the value of student organizations and their impact on the students involved. Student organizations provide an opportunity for students to work toward a common mission, build friendships and develop leadership. This award recognizes student organizations that make extraordinary contributions to campus and their members through membership development, programming, commitment to academics, and/or active citizenship. We recognize that the achievements of established student organizations and new student organizations differ, yet both contribute to campus involvement. Therefore, this award is granted in two distinct categories; Outstanding New Student Organization and Outstanding Overall Student Organization.

Outstanding New Student Organization

Buckeye Shadowing Club 

The mission of the Buckeye Shadowing Club is “connecting pre-health students with physicians in an approachable and effective way.” This new organization was formed by pre-health students looking to make a difference for their peers’ professional development by making shadowing hours more accessible through COVID-19 precautions. They bring doctors directly to students through interactive Zoom sessions in which doctors talk about their journey, their specialty, procedures they do, interesting case studies, and so much more. They are taking off fast, engaging over 600 students in their first year! 

Buckeye Solar Racing 

Buckeye Solar Racing stands out amongst the auto test drive teams on Ohio State’s campus, as they are the first team that is dedicated to entirely renewable energy methods by using exclusively solar power. The organization has gone full speed ahead in its first year, with their eyes on the finish line of the 2023 American Solar Challenge, a 1500-mile college team endurance race across multiple states. They are working diligently towards this goal by engaging their members towards their common goal: racing in a way that is kind to the environment.  

Buckeye Y.A. Reading Group 

Buckeye Y.A. Reading Group aims to build community and wellness among students through reading and discussing young adult literature. The founding members wanted to create a space where books and reading bring comfort, develop awareness, and nurture empathy for diverse students who want to read about stories that resemble their lived experiences. They have focused specifically on reading books with a diversity of stories that mirror the diversity of their membership. They use a rotating leadership structure that allows everyone to enjoy reading and learning together.  

The Happiness Campaign 

The mission of The Happiness Campaign is to improve the happiness and wellbeing of students at Ohio State through the implementation of healthy habits. In addition to supporting members’ healthy habits through weekly meetings, the organization runs their month-long Happiness Campaign with a different student organization each month in which they donate to a non-profit of the organization’s choice as an incentive for tracking healthy habits. In their first year, all of their data has shown increased happiness levels in every organization they have worked with. 

Outstanding Overall Student Organization

Pilipino Student Association

The Pilipino Student Association was established to provide a home for members by preserving, fostering, and celebrating Filipinx and Filipinx-American heritage. They do this by continually remembering their history and culture, practicing and promoting their values and traditions through service, and hosting events that promote Filipinx and Filipinx-American awareness. PSA collaborates with other Filipinx and Asian student organizations to promote cultural awareness to further diversify our Buckeye community. 

The Society of Women Engineers 

A winner of several Leadership Awards this year, The Society of Women Engineers’ mission is “to empower women and other students in engineering to achieve their full potential within college” through their goals of professional excellence, diversity and inclusion, advocacy, and globalization. The 400-member organization provides a space for all voices to be heard, bolsters the confidence of members through leadership opportunities, and works to make engineering a more equitable field by centering inclusion in all of their programming. 


TEDxOhioStateUniversity is connecting the Ohio State community to “ideas worth spreading” and their mission is “to foster a platform for the uncovering of new ideas to spark conversations among the individuals in the Ohio State community.” TEDxOhioStateUniversity, one of the only student-run TEDx programs in the world, hosted their 11th annual main event this spring – Bloom. Beyond the main event, they continue to innovate through their salon series and their new podcast: ConnecTED. 

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Spirit of Ohio State

The Spirit of Ohio State Award recognizes students and student organizations that strongly represent the values, traditions, and spirit of Ohio State through their engagement in and commitment to the campus community.

The Boo Radley Society 

The Boo Radley Society aims to create a positive atmosphere on Ohio State's campus by performing random acts of kindness. They foster the Buckeye spirit by chalking uplifting messages, passing out inspirational quotes, and participating in campus-wide mental health and sustainability efforts. The organization fosters a family-like atmosphere and is happy to collaborate with other organizations promoting wellbeing to spread their message of kindness. The Boo Radley Society takes pride in being Buckeyes and aims to make fellow students feel like campus is their home. 


At its core, OHI/O is an organization dedicated to service, a key part of the Buckeye spirit. OHI/O's ultimate goal is to foster a tech culture at Ohio State and its surrounding communities through informal out-of-classroom learning. They do this through organizing hackathons and other tech-centric events where students have the opportunity to interact with industry partners on a personal level. Their Hackathon events help unite the tech community through a weekend of hacking, learning, and discussion. By promoting a culture of tech learning for all students, OHI/O helps their fellow Buckeyes be great. 

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